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    Modular buildings and city and the rest.
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    Moduverse plate to the pet store, only the store so far.

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  1. JonKlarstrom

    Swedish AFOL out of the dark age...

    Also need to thank you for the warm welcome. =) @leafan
  2. JonKlarstrom

    [MOC] Modular Police Station

    One of the better looking police stations I have seen in my pretty short out-of-the-darkness-period of my life. But still, I have seen a few =)
  3. JonKlarstrom

    Swedish AFOL out of the dark age...

    Thanks =) @ArneNielsen Oh, remember som space, a motorcykle store, shell gas station, fire station and police station. But that was over a whole lot of years, and not sure I hade them all at the same time. Nothing left that I know of from that.
  4. Hello, My name is Jon and I am 44 years old, living in Sweden. Gothenburg more specific. At first I saw Lego as a way to build sollutions, or prototypes for street enviroment that are accessible for a wheelchair. This since my son uses one, and it is a world that have many stupid design flaws, even newly designed. But started to get one modular, then another and another. So now I just joined Swebrick and went all in AFOL. Still haven't done the wheelchair friendly world, but I am getting there. I hope. Modular, moduverse and trains/trams/subway is my most cup of tea. But sci-fi is also an interest of mine. And pretty much every thing else also, lego related that is.