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  1. I have a voltmeter and I measured the voltage at the two pins coming out of the battery pack and it was 9 volts. on the other hand I noticed that there was no current that went to the capacitor. and I took the picture after cleaning the PCB but the corrosion I did not dare to remove it in case if the metal below still made contact this is my volt meter https://imgur.com/gallery/1s3cusa
  2. https://imgur.com/gallery/RTzCK7S 2 photos
  3. Hello I did as you told me to clean the contacts of the buttons and the PCB still does not turn on. where do you think this problem comes from? if you want pictures tell me what part? -B95z2
  4. Hello I need your help because I have an old lego rcx 2.0 and unfortunately it does not start anymore. I cleaned up all the electrical contacts, checked the batteries. the current is coming to the pcb but unfortunately it does not turn on. if you want some pictures ask me. Thank you for your help. -B95z2
  5. Hello my name is B95z2 how did you feel today?