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    7658 Y-wing Fighter

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  1. Beautiful! I absolutely love the B-wing. Is there any way to get a rotating cockpit on there? I guess it would need a 1x1 brick with a hole which is probably to chunky. A great effort in making such a unified group, they look great together. I'm looking forward to the second wave.
  2. Beautiful build! I love the interior details you got in there. Not often you see a car with an engine in the back these days.
  3. Jobi

    [MOC] Secret of the Castle

    This is a really cool design! I love all the play features you managed to fit in and how they all tie in to the story. It makes me feel nostalgic for the old Castle sets.
  4. Jobi

    [WIP] [MOC] Darth Maul's Gauntlet Fighter

    This is really nice! I especially like the brick built 'wing' in the middle. The colour scheme great too.
  5. I've been working on this for a while now and finally managed to get the thing built in bricks (with 95% the right pieces). I really wanted to get the fuselage to taper towards the nose - this is achieved by locking the sides around the body in a loop without being connected. This sounds a bit dodgy, but the result is quite sturdy and swooshable. I had some fun making a few variations to match the most recent Lego sets too. The file is downloadable from my BrickLink page. Hope you like it. Cheers! Black One: Resistance: Rise of Skywalker (yuk!):
  6. Hi dream-in-bricks! Thanks for your suggestion and taking the time to make a visual for it. That's a great way to bring the rods closer to the boosters. I've been trying to get it to work with my model and eventually got a good result. I had to get rid of the technic ski-poles and use 6L bars instead. Also, the tighter poles collided with the technic brick holding the engines, so a new support was needed. I ended up using technic axles and bushings to hold the boosters to the body. Overall, I think it's a big improvement - the ship looks chunkier and more powerful now. Cheers!
  7. Thanks Hollander! I just saw your UCS scale Y-wing which looks really nice. Personally I love building this scale because it's cheaper to source the bricks and easier to play about with the design before commiting to it :-) I have a couple more midi scale designs in, just need to get the bricks and do a build test first. Will post them soon. Cheers.
  8. Hi, I've been building some smaller scale versions of some Lego Star wars sets at roughly half the scale of the originals, I guess it's midi scale really. I especially enjoyed putting together this Y-wing, I think it's my favourite so far. I'm planning to do a few more over the next few weeks. Just getting to grips with which is where the renders are from. Here's a link to the studio gallery as well: This is the real model on my kitchen table:- And next to big brother for a size comparison (Lego set 7658) :- Cheers, Joe
  9. Hi, Just practising a post with an image *fingers crossed* Bye!