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    Razor crest 1:125 scale

    Thank you so much!
  2. TheRealBeef1213

    Razor crest 1:125 scale

    This is my final build of 2020. The razor crest from the mandalorian in minifig trophy scale. It has opening rear and front doors as well as FULLY RETRACTING LANDING GEAR. Really proud of that. The nose angles were inspired by jaeracs awesome model. Its pretty solid as long as you dont squeeze the side panels too hard. I plan on funishing the interior when I make the instructions. More pics here: Old model is on the left
  3. TheRealBeef1213

    Project NINKA

    Epic model! The pictures seem to be covering the rest of the text for me tho...
  4. There are thrusters in the wings as well
  5. TheRealBeef1213

    The Tribute to The Razor Crest - Released!

    I found this which seems to be very accurate if it helps:
  6. TheRealBeef1213

    Micro Razor Crest

    That landing gear is perfect
  7. TheRealBeef1213

    Razor assult ship from solo and TROS

    This ship is from the concept art of solo and the final battle on exogal. I've wanted to build this ship for a while now. It is currently my favorite starwars ship. Anyways on the the model. It is 1:125 scale same as my other ships. It is quite sturdy with no flapping parts or loose parts. However this strength limits the amount of interior I can put in the ship (I was only able to fit a couch and table combo) its landing gear is sturdy enough to hold up the ship with no difficulty while still being able to retract fully. When I build this in digital form I plan on fixing the intro problem.
  8. TheRealBeef1213

    Razor assult ship from solo and TROS

    Thanks! Those pieces I used for the thrusters were literally the last ones and the only ones (I'm running out of small circular pieces). I got them from the mech suit from lego ideas
  9. TheRealBeef1213

    Razor assult ship from solo and TROS

    yep! thanks! Thanks! It was a blink or miss shot in TROS and was only in concept art for solo, so I don't blame you for not recognizing it.
  10. TheRealBeef1213

    1:125 scale lego falcon

    This is my first post here, so i thought i should start with this model.The ships is actually a way more complicated shape then I expected. I did use some inspiration from other falcons I've seen built It has a semi full interior, missing only the hallway to the cockpit and the airlocks. The landing gear fully retracts and the boarding ramp lowers, though without the airlock it looks kind of weird. If built in real life it may be really fragile. I plan on building this some day to fix that. Edit: thanks for all the complements!
  11. TheRealBeef1213

    1:125 scale lego falcon