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  1. jabbar_hussain12

    [MOC] Ambulance and Fire Truck

    A good representation of serving humanity. Each department is doing their job and serving humanity by saving their life and helping them how much they can. Everything in pictures is attractive and have a sign for us to help others.
  2. jabbar_hussain12

    [MOC] The Golden Hall of Meduseld

    wow the golden hall looks so amazing creations are so best and all the things are so good placed that there is no space to change or add anything else
  3. jabbar_hussain12

    Guard House

    good creation a little home and having all the basic things and especially the roof is made so beautiful. making these things with little pieces is so cool and final model that we seem is so attractive
  4. jabbar_hussain12

    [MOC] Hat Village Train Station V2

    awesome work and great skills keep it up man
  5. brilliantly presenting the old way see wars and telling us how was battles were fight in the past.
  6. jabbar_hussain12