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  1. Ok, thanks. I go back to work on Monday so with any luck I’ll at least get a start.
  2. Another week gone, any closer to seeing the instructions efferman?
  3. Thanks very much for the info, I don’t need anything amazing just something I can see enough to follow and do the boom then maybe do the rest of the rebuild once the final instructions are done.
  4. Any news on the instructions efferman?.
  5. It’s because they bypass to relieve pressure to get the rams to move back in quicker
  6. The original set is $750aud, I’m not in Europe. The 9800 is only in backhoe config here in Australia and it’s what I’ve used so it’s what I want to replicate.
  7. Efferman i just have seen you work your butt off to get everything done really well and at such a great pace and now everything has come to a full stop. This is the best thing ive ever seen in LEGO and can’t wait to build this moc
  8. Can’t pay him for his instructions till they are on custombricks. I did buy his bucket from shapeways. Instructions Are on top of the money already spent on the kit, bucket and extra parts so that’s $1200+ aud
  9. The steps where done weeks ago way before Xmas, efferman made it sound like it was custombricks holding things up. All up I’ve got $1200 spent to make this moc that I can’t start so yes I’m getting a little tired of waiting
  10. What seems to be the large delay?
  11. Ok so the part list says 104 track pads are in the moc but not in the kit and need to be ordered.
  12. Efferman I notice in the parts list 200 or so parts are track pads, bevel gears and bush’s and rods for the tracks. Are they different from what’s in the kit?
  13. Just need the instructions and it’s all go
  14. Ordered all the parts Ill hopefully need off the prelim list yesterday. Now if Santa can release the instructions.