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  1. If you want a scale model maybe check out CCM or diecast masters range of CAT replicas. Every single technic licensed set has some compromises when it comes to scale looks. I’ve been around D11’s and I can’t see how people are complaining. Take a look at the Eric trax pr776 dozer if you want to see something that needs lots of extra work to be cleaned up to a acceptable level.
  2. For a smart guy you forget it’s a licensed product and CAT would have had a large say in how this interface needs to be to satisfy them . The steering replicates how the break paddles work on the real thing and to be honest if it was to be even more realistic the F/R gear control should also be on the left side which would be even more complex.
  3. alternative control refers to the second screen the app has for the model like the buggy, if you want a physical control look at the link below
  4. D11, cat will debut the new D11xe in a few weeks so I’m surprised they didn’t label it as that.
  5. Looks like a great build. Can’t wait for someone to find a way to use the spare space to fit a few more motors and hub in.
  6. Just openly commenting inside information for a un-released set on this forum would be seen as breaking confidentiality. Now promobricks is quoting Eric trax on their 42131 news
  7. Remember michal aka Eric has recently worked in collaboration with CADA so he’s probably not getting much love from lego atm.
  8. Since this is a legitimate leak and not a staged one most reviewers cannot reveal anything till lego gives permission. Hopefully we don’t have to wait till minexpo next month for a official reveal from lego and cat
  9. Using a 3rd person app was a solution to the suggestion that the cost of additional app development for this kit was why the price remained high whilst the amount of c+ equipment halted compared to 42100 for the same cost. I’m sure someone will be parting out 42131’s on BrickLink so the new track elements will be available
  10. I’m not mentioning power functions, keep all the intervals the same with powered up components but control it with a 3rd party app not the c+ lego app. the powered up app, Sbrick, BrickController2 and this new Pybricks can help control c+ sets when the standard app does not suit such as with Eric and m_longer’e pr776 dozer moc
  11. I’m not sure what mechanics you say need changing since we don’t actually know what’s inside 42131 or how it works yet.
  12. I’ll program it with sbrick’s app if I can get $200 cash back on rrp
  13. Considering 42114 is regularly sold for $210-240 AUD it’s going to be cheaper to buy that as a start and then get the missing parts for surely less than $500. Will be interesting to see when the details are revealed.
  14. Minexpo is in Las Vegas 13-15/09/2021 so it might even wait till then to be revealed by lego on the cat stand which is the complete opposite approach to the raptor and leaves it really late