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  1. ok, so which total brick count is correct? is one with the bucket and one not?
  2. Hi efferman, I’m trying to use the store in rebrickable to buy the parts but I’m having trouble, when I compare sets it says I’m missing 650 parts but when I go to buy parts and add the standard 42100 kit to the list it says I only need 479. Kepes bricks is only missing 2 pieces 1x 24116 and 1x 98585 ( this seems to be very rare in white ).
  3. So my bucket has turned up from shapeways, can’t wait to get a parr’s list so I can order the bits to start.
  4. Must be getting very close to seeing all your hard work done
  5. Dulux has a basalt grey that looks rough enough to match the color hopefully. Should have the bucket in the next two weeks
  6. Ok so other stuff has to be made by shapeways?
  7. My bucket has been shipped by shapeways, can’t wait to see it. Hopefully it’s not hard to find a paint to match dark stone grey
  8. So you will have 300 original pieces left over but how many new parts will need to be ordered to complete your modifications?
  9. It’s all Coming along extremely well. Christmas might come early by the looks
  10. Wow that’s incredible. Looks so good it’s just like the way it should have been made in the first place
  11. I really think you’ve done a incredible job with modifying this kit so well and so quick.
  12. I guess I’m happy to wait for the complete instructions even though I’d only just use the backhoe section to start. Would you itemize the part needed per section your modifying so just what ever section you choose to use could be ordered?
  13. I wouldn’t know sorry, I guess I just need to know what parts I need to order. I’ve seen what you have done for the mod face shovel boom and that is a fantastic set of instructions on rebrickable
  14. Ok, I can’t see myself really wanting to dig and really do hard work with it enough to be rebuilding the whole machine . I’m just keen to have the backhoe setup as it’s what we have here
  15. Will there just be a parts list and instructions for the backhoe boom?, I have already ordered your bucket from shapeways so I can’t wait to do the new boom