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  1. I guess by now you would have your review kit and know the real answer anyway. Looking forward to watching it soon.
  2. In the bottom left hand picture showing winch and wheel functions on the box art and in the video you can see that the battery box is the original slip in type.
  3. Not reading too much into it but the battery box still is a slip in battery type in the box art
  4. Yeah that’s what I was kind of expecting that the airbus been licensed is what they show. Especially because it will be the release of the simple battery box finally although I do expect it to have had the same redesign with the lid as the C+ hub. I’m still not really buying into the crane with its piece count and price as I can’t see how it’s going to be that much better than 42042 without been twice the scale and the parts count makes that unlikely.
  5. Hasn’t part of the advertisement for legocon been that there will be reveals for pretty much every theme including technic. So with 42144/5 already revealed doesn’t this just leave the crane?
  6. If you look at the yellow ram in scrap handler then look at the helicopters tail it’s clear it’s the new neon yellow.
  7. I’ll leave that to professionals like yourself. I would have thought he would have realized and edited or redone the build to fix the mistake especially since the instructions are so dumbed down according to the review.
  8. Don’t you hate it when a big time reviewer builds a kit and completely shags it by putting something obvious on backwards like a panel but doesn’t realize all the way through
  9. In all fairness it’s not listed on the Lego uk site as an exclusive is it just more that it’s not in stock anywhere yet which is just like the D11 and BMW are in most places.
  10. It’s available at David Jones and Myer in Australian, I just got my second one for $37
  11. I really thought the mods and improvements page was going to take off once these became readily available but its been completely neglected.
  12. Have you completely missed that the hubs and battery box are changing that’s why they keep getting taken off and put back. If you look at the hub in the new transformation vehicle it now has the screws which where rumors back when the zetros came out so the battery box will have to have the same upgrade. It’s not getting discounted and other more credible sources like racingbrick have covered why control+ sets and components had been getting marked as out of stock then coming back days later. If you head to the aus lego page you can still buy a battery box today
  13. The point I’m trying to make is that people don’t seem to realize how little space this scale will have and how much room a hub takes up. The track frame will be just wrapped around the hub and the car body will be a few panels around the outside of the hub. From a technic point of view this seems to be a very boring build for a flagship especially if the boom is constructed with a simplified system. Once again compared to other cranes this one seems like a bust not a win but this is only driven by peoples assumptions and rumors
  14. How did you come to this conclusion that the battery box is getting discontinued?