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  1. Master0889

    970c86pb10 but RED?

    Mee to! Its original part. It has a Lego logo.
  2. Master0889

    Sabre Island Remake

    Hello, My new MOC Sabre Island Remake. Every fan remembers this unique set from childhood. My MOC it's remake - Sabre Island. I built this set out of sentiment. It is similar to the original from 1989. More photos:
  3. Master0889

    [LEGO IDEAS] Soldier Imperial Golden Fort by Master0889

    Thank you all for the comments :)
  4. Master0889

    970c86pb10 but RED?

    Hello, Anyone could identify this part? I have oryginal 970c86pb10 and in red color? I was looking for BL but it's not there. Maybe it is missprint or other special item? Thank you!
  5. Master0889

    [LEGO IDEAS] Soldier Imperial Golden Fort by Master0889

    Hi, I am the author of this idea. Thank you for sharing, support and all comments.