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  1. Angelasbrick

    Hi people

    Thanks, nice blog you have there, keep it up ;-) Thanks Pooda :-) Hi, nice to meet you, super star wars fans ;-) Hi, I was not on Lego City Builders Gather, but I just submitted a request in ;-) You are in there?
  2. Angelasbrick

    Hi people

    Thanks, I am still new to Eurobricks platform, learning how to use, hahaha
  3. Angelasbrick

    Hi people

    Hello everyone here. I am Angela from Malaysia. Nice to meet you from all around the world. I started Lego back in 2014, my first Lego set was Grand Emporium. Besides making MOC, I also started to do brickfilm. Feel free to drop by my youtube channel: and my facebook page: See you around !!