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  1. nocruoro

    Best & Worst Constraction Canister Designs?

    Best ones? Toa Metru, i like the idea of taking Nuju's and Vakama's canister lid and use it as a pokemon ball. Worst My worst one would go to the Mahri if it wasn't for the turret function....but *** grief the mistika canisters they were a real pain to option and required a lot of force with a firm grip on the mask. It gave me cracked nails a few times. I'm a man but stumped/cracked nails aren't fun, it stings a LOT.
  2. Most bionicle ideas get shot down by those that control the outcomes. But if lego themselves decided to add bionicle into a minfigures series on their own. They did do both simpsons and Disney in the past. That could become great potential, with promotional images of the old versions
  3. Is it possible that Bionicle could be adapted into minifigures in one of these series even if it's just the toa mata?
  4. nocruoro

    Bzpower Forum showing problems?

    I tried to access the bzpower forums yesterday ( But everything is shown as a jumbled mess and only my avatar is visible and account links in my firefox browser. The layout looks normal in the microsoft edge browser but i am unable to login in on it to test any difference. Does anyone know what may have happened to the forum?
  5. Don't even know how to do it. I used a screenshot, and cut into a translucent background and pasted in a photo program onto a image for design. EDIT: Render images are up. The background is from the swamp of secrets book.
  6. I wanted to redesign Onua Mistika life based on a concept drawing made by the owner of the brickshelf account MuffinToa and his Project Nuva. MuffinToa thanks for the inspiration if you see this. DISCLAIMER: I have no intention to claim all the glory for this design idea. and i'm not trying to commit plagiarism of any kind. I used Lego program called Studio 2.0. The options including masks are severely limited but i did my best. Onua Nuva/Mistika Inspiration Image: UPDATE: NEW RENDER IMAGES ADDED Front Back
  7. nocruoro

    Fate of ?

    I've been wondering what is going on with why has the main website been under construction/maintainment for months. It also seems that very members can login onto the forums including me. Black Six never answered my email regarding account retrieval. (his email is either. Does anyone know in BZPower has financialial problems, has it been abandoned and most members have migrated to this website instead?
  8. I found it was a display scale which has the default set at 150......its fixed (however my pc says programs might not respond properly with changed size) but LDD is fine
  9. Actually the image was resized so i could use the image attachments here but it didn't show up so i just added the modified image to brickshelf
  10. Yes the image is a direct print screen button screenshot. WIndows 10 Home Version (My version doesn't have HDPI) and there are no settings in Lego Digital Designer itself.
  11. I use a small lenovo laptop which is 13 inches wide x 8 inches tall but in maximized mode it does not want to fit properly with the 1920 x 1080 pixel resolution the end result is like this where all of the colors in the brick selecter aren't visible The only way it "works in maximized form but the lower colors don't show up instead and in that mode i have to hove the cursor higher than normal to select to right command. And i cant use the mouse to custome the size. (I am aware that Studio 2.0 is available but it freezes my laptop very often) I've never seen this program having resolution difficulties. Any help for windows 10?.
  12. Just need to know if the toa metru lower hip torso, can to be added from Studio and into> LDD?
  13. managed to follow this guide, the lego installer linked to a latest version of adobe flash player
  14. downloaded for windows and found 2 problems regarding baljoints how do you pose balljoints to move them when they are connected sometimes bricks are greyed out and i'm unable to connect those to the main model how do i avoid these setbacks, otherwise studio has a very nice selection of bionicle weapons LDD didn't have. can bricks be imported on the failed version of LDD or should i uninstall the botched LDD 4.3.11?