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  1. Hello, Ever since i first joined EB i have always wanted to know what people's websites are, but often people don't list them in their profile. So i thought it would be cool to have a thread where everyone could post their websites to make one big database. Here are mine: Tim's Brickshelf.com Tim's Youtube.com Tim's Facebook Page(WIP photos) Hope this can be a cool topic. tim
  2. Hi, I'm tim and i"m new to the forums. I am an avid builder of legos myself, and i have been realizing a trend lately, no one builds stud-full anymore . All of my MOCs so far have been all or mostly stud-full ( Brickshelf Gallery and youtube: youtube.com/timslegos ), and i have a very hard time building in stud-less. Do you have any advice for learning how to build in stud-less? thanks tim
  3. I love the wheels too. The video was really great though. The driving shots were especially smooth, great job!
  4. Something about Liebherr's colors just translate so well to Lego models! Would you mind showing a picture with the "side" panels off the arms so we can see the inner skeleton? There must be some pretty interesting ujoint wizardry to fit all of them inside.
  5. Smooth all around. The method you use to construct the third arm is interesting. How sturdy is it? Do you find that it can withstand a significant load?
  6. timslegos

    [MOC] RSW

    I somehow missed this the first time around, but great work. I love the blue, it really makes the car stand out. Like many others I would like to see a video as well, I bet that car is fast!
  7. timslegos

    Jurassic Park Jeep

    Excellent model and excellent photos. Do you have a video of it driving?
  8. Great looking snowmobile, you definitely captured the flowing lines well. I think an rc motor would work quite well in this MOC .
  9. timslegos

    Class One Unlimited Buggy

    Great looking buggy. It is hard to tell if there is enough space but a buggy motor for propulsion would make this fast!
  10. Great video, you are certainly a smooth driver. I would love to see pictures of the internals.
  11. I really like all the small details, especially those speakers. Great video as well.
  12. Great looking car, and the functionality is certainly there. The caster seems a bit extreme though.
  13. Great presentation of some truly wonderful cars. I would love to see some pictures of them on some forest roads! tim
  14. Orange and black looks great, as do the renders. You definitely captured the feel of an American truck. I would suggest using sawdust (or animal cage bedding) for a play material instead of what I think is cereal. The sawdust doesn't crumble and has good dirt like characteristics while also being light weight.
  15. timslegos

    Mack B75

    Great looking truck. The attention to detail is wonderful. How did you make the stripe on the fuel tanks?
  16. A masterpiece, very well done. The locking door mechanism is quite clever. How long did the construction of this MOC take?
  17. Certainly a masterpiece. I would love to see you try it out on a large pile of sawdust, or something similar. That would really make for an exceptional video!
  18. Instantly recognizable! Great work on the body, you really paid attention to all the details (especially those smaller aero diffusers on the front). What scale is this car? Looks to be the perfect size for lots of details without being too large and heavy.
  19. That bodywork is stunning, especially in white. Also, where did you get those blueprints for the car?
  20. The performance seems to rival that of an actual rc crawler, great work. You might be able to get even more articulation if you make the connecting linkages longer.
  21. timslegos

    [MOC] RV

    Simply stunning, great work.
  22. timslegos

    6x6 Chassis

    Such a clean design, I love it. I also really like how you cant see any holes in the frame, very well done. Also great idea using the blue pump as a damper for the suspension. I have always used the pneumatic cylinders themselves but I will have to try the small pumps. Tim
  23. I am drooling. Everything about this model is flawless, the lines, the color, and especially those front lights! Great job capturing all those lines. I would love to see some dramatic night pictures with the front lights on. Tim
  24. Great looking entry, definitely a unique crane. I am intrigued by the mechanisms you used to have the different steering modes as well as the actuator to raise the boom. Also curious about the structure of the two stage boom. Any chance we could see some close up pictures of these components? Tim
  25. Nice steering system, though I think the body could use some more refinement. Good beginnings of lines for such a small scale. tim