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  1. You may need to check in instagram, its already there.
  2. I already made a topic about the GWP. Link here: Also, I want to add this as well. 10277 Crocodile Locomotive - 1271 pieces - 99.99 dollars/euros This came from the source in instagram. No pics yet though so take that info for a grain of salt
  3. Leaks have shown the new Gift with Purchase. For those who were born in the 90's, It is a Hot Rod influenced from a Model Team set 5541 Blue Fury which its in my childhood when I build and display it in my father's office. 5541
  4. Link below:! This idea was made by an AFOL now a LEGO designer Chris McVeigh. Personally, these will look great on display.
  5. AMD

    LEGO Monkie Kid 2020

    That's exactly what I was thinking. If it succeeds, then good for LEGO to continue in 2021. If it flops then at least it had some good sets that surprised us. In regards to COVID-19 in China, some of the stores are re-opening and most if not all of their LEGO stores there are still open so there is a possible chance that it will succeed.
  6. AMD

    LEGO Monkie Kid 2020

    There all very expensive but I digress since I'm aiming for only one set.(Food Truck). Also I'm not sure if someone pointed this out before but when I saw pigsy, he has medium short legs that was introduced in harry potter line.
  7. IT HAS BEEN REVEALED:! There are hidden references to other classic themes I love as well. I also love how LEGO named him Samuel Von Barron, a combination of his two names, Baron Von Barron and Sam Sinister.
  8. I check more pics from the leak and found out some references from adventurers. I have a feeling that this is not just a haunted house. Its a haunted house owned by the notorious villain, Baron von Barron who keeps changing names as years go by.
  9. "I LOVE IT" is what I'm about to say but its too early to tell since its a leak. Lets wait for the official pictures before I judge.
  10. Leaks have shown the poster of the Skywalker Saga game. There could be a hint of something from the picture from the summer sets though. Of course AT-AT is present so that's no surprise but other hints like Rey and her lightsaber. Could it possibly be that she is carrying it from the set Night Buzzard?
  11. I have mixed feelings with the AT-AT. On one hand, I love how they incorporate the turret and the speeder bike to fit inside the walker as it reminds me back on the 2003 one. The pilots not only fit one but two seats at the front and veers at the back. That's a level of detail right there in the movie. The other. the build of the body is too blocky, the build of the legs are a lackluster and its $160? I don't see this for $160. I would prefer this to be $110. Overall, not bad but needs improvement with the look of the walker.
  12. How did I overlooked on that one from Lego City? To be honest. I wasn't invested in the city space theme as I would prefer traditional space and Creator(to me) is the theme to do it.
  13. I would definitely love a minidoll space theme. LEGO already made Sweet Mayhem and she may be the first step towards it. I would like to see different yet unique races as well.
  14. AMD

    LEGO City 2020 - Rumors, Speculation, and Discussion

    I don't know about that but I think its better to have them make houses, cabins or modular buildings instead. We have a lot of police to cover in LEGO City. Then again. They did it with the Fire brigade from the winter village fire station so why not a winter village police station
  15. AMD

    LEGO City 2020 - Rumors, Speculation, and Discussion

    Makes sense in terms of business practices from LEGO but I would love at least to have the best of both worlds. A type of luxurious interior with realistic proportions and features to go along. Thankfully we have a specific theme for that which is the Creator Expert but time will tell if our wishes fulfill.