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  1. jm00092

    [MOC] Portal companion cube

    Would you use transparent white clear bricks for the inner borders? You can change or switch the color of the light with RGB Leds .... Now it will be pink always
  2. jm00092

    Minifig Scale Model of our House!!!

    Great proportions and colors like original. White fences under terrace looks well You can introduce any advanced parts to get more details. Classic windows with shutters would look great here. What happen with the top part of the garage door, still unfinished?
  3. jm00092

    Hi everybody!

    Hi everybody. I am Juan M. from Andalusia, in the south of Spain I got my first Lego set in early 1980's. It was the box 544 basic house. A gift from Paris. In these years in Spain nobody knows about Lego and i had a lot of fun when child playing with other great building toys. Building toys have been always my favorites. Years later, Lego was going to be more famous in Spain, but always expensive. I started to get any small sets, but continuing enjoying with my old building toys and some alternative brands. I love all building toys Now i like to learn all about Lego being an AFOL. I love to find new sets and parts, to browse internet about it. and to create and draw new parts using 3d software. I've been browsing Eurobricks for years, and now i am happy to begin to write and share anything with the community