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    Technic Bugatti Chiron


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  1. Damian_dogofhate

    Ferrari FXX 2005 1:8 new version

    amazing effort buddy, keep at it!
  2. Damian_dogofhate

    Porsche vs Bugatti crash test

    oof can't help but wince every time...
  3. Damian_dogofhate

    [MOC] Lego Technic VW Golf GTI TCR

    Amazing, and i love the work on the garage
  4. Wow it looks amazing in Dark Azure. Such a cool car, brilliant model
  5. Damian_dogofhate

    Grohl's Creations

    Impressive, for such a heavy creation
  6. Damian_dogofhate

    [MOC] Lancia Stratos Group 4 and Stradale

    Stunning, 70s block styling works so well in lego.
  7. Damian_dogofhate

    [MOC] Rolls Royce Phantom (2018)

    Amazing job on the windows, this is really impressive. The level of sophistication with all the little details. Love it!
  8. Damian_dogofhate

    [MOC] 1:8 McLaren 720S w/ Instructions

    So excited for this, making my parts order up now!
  9. Damian_dogofhate

    [MOC] 1:8 McLaren 720S w/ Instructions

    I'm an absolute novice (by comparison with many on here) technic builder but this is incredible. I've built the Bugatti and GT3RS but this is quite possibly my favourite car! Since seeing your design i have been obsessed with checking out MOCs online but this is still the best thing i've seen. Can't wait for you to release the parts list so I can start sourcing! Congratulations on such an amazing design, you've literally got be hooked! All the best, Dan