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  1. you might be right. let's see how it moves when the engine is installed
  2. Hello Community, i'm new to the Eurobricks forum. Since 2018 I'm interested in Lego again and after some Architecture Sets I bought the Land Rover 42110. some mods i have already implemented: - the rubber at the tailgate - by Coolusername - the workaround for the front lights - by JunkstyleGio but the car isn't remote controlled. my son would see the car driving by remote control. i made some other small changes: - changed the lose door frames - the tailgate has a symmetrical colour design - modified door hinge - removed all blue-pins on front, back and left/right side - three shock absorber on each side on the rear axle (due to weight of battery and infrared receiver) installation of the steering system: very simple! under the driver's seat is enough space for an l-engine, I tried a servo-engine first, but it's too weak, because the vehicle's weight prevents steering to full impact. unfortunately the m-engine doesn't offer me a reasonable way to fix it. the l-engine is connected to the hand-of-god axle. the rest of the manual steering to the roof has been removed. next step: install a l-engine under the passenger seat to test the connection directly to the red differential. i can upload some pictures tonight, if you want it. greetings skdubg