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  1. Brickset review of the Imperial Shuttle includs a nice comparison with the previous models: I never noticed the use of different window elements for the cockpit. The new shuttle uses a bigger one which seems more accurate. That is what, in my opinion, was a bit off from the Tyderium. I might considering modding it as the new one.
  2. Indeed. The new model almost remind me of the old 7166. The Tydirium is superior in any way.
  3. Thanks for sharing this, useful to see such comparison pictures before considering to buy new sets. Looking forward to a similar comparison between the new and the old Shuttle.
  4. Normally, I tend to upgrade the sets as new ones are released, as long as they are superior (very often). I finally got the new X-wing and I am very satisfied (just few mods needed), in fact more than with the previous ones since it is scaled better to other rebel ships. I cannot say the same for the Lambda shuttle or the Slave 1, where previous sets where already very good. Those are bigger ships compared to smaller fighters and, as such, less suitable to be scaled down. I also have the Tyderium and, looking at these new images, I wouldn’t consider buying the new shuttle. If I hadn’t one, as an AFOL, I would still prefer to bricklink the old one. However, it is appreciated to see an effort to produce and release sets which are finally more affordable to anyone, still looking good.
  5. I meant that an even smaller scale (MBS like) in the $50 range would make sense only if Mandalorian-based rather than OT-based.
  6. Totally agree. An OT Slave 1 doesn’t make any sense, especially after an excellent (partially even better than the UCS one) playscale set was recently released. The UCS was minifig scale, the most recent one was downsized to playscale. A new one would make sense only in light of the popularity of the Mandalorian, and probably aimed at kids/younger audience who do not own a previous version and felt in love with the ship by watching the Mandalorian.
  7. Just read that 75309 D2C ($349) is rumored to be the Republic Gunship and 75313 D2C ($799) is rumored to be the Death Star II. This makes sense if true. The Republic Gunship may be a real UCS, larger and more detailed than previous playset models, as many wanted. The Death Star is probably one of the most widely recognizable things in the SW universe and, due to its size, maybe the only one which could justify the rumored piece count (11,000).
  8. This MOC is about 15,000 pieces and is minifig scale with no interiors. I’m almost afraid $800 wouldn’t be enough even for a Lego set.
  9. And shipping in 60 days!!! At least they are not exclusive and will possibly be available elsewhere. Still, rather annoying for those looking to use some VIP points and maybe get the current GWP.
  10. Interesting the technique used to access the interiors by lifting back the central wing. Accessing the interiors was a bit difficult on the 2015 version.
  11. Hopefully the other themes will be addressed with «real» sets. As for Jar Jar: 1) it’s not sure Lego will go for him, 2) better him as a brickheadz than him as a brick built figure. Still, the best scenario would be no Jar Jar at all.
  12. One the one hand, I feel many might prefer to visit one place/thread (instead of two) where they can find both news and rumors as well as express their opinion on those news and rumors. That is, this is the place where some might want/expect to find news as it is just more practical. Would it be possible to mark somehow news and rumors in this thread so that people can find them more easily? On the other hand. I totally agree that discussions go very often out of track, and this can be rather frustrating. This is only related to common sense, there should be a common undestanding and culture of using this thread for its purpose, and not initite long digressions because there will be some new series in 2023 or because there is a urgent need to share thoughts on the last Mando episode.
  13. I can really see a MBS Endor bunker in the future. But yes, it’s still speculation.
  14. I didn’t really like that review and how the set was presented. I believe the set in hands looks better than in that video. I look forward to watch Jang’s review of the set. Just a pity we need to wait much longer since he buys sets by himself. Still, his reviews are the ones I trust, and enjoy the most. I also think the 2015 was a better build and better looking. While I appreciate the smaller scale of the new fighters (and hopefully future vehicles),I don’t think shuttles or other medium-sized ships (e.g. Slave 1, Razor Crest, etc) need to be smaller than they already were. I also expect the interiors (if there are any) are much smaller than the previous model, where you could fit easily 5/6 minifigs. I’m glad I bought a cheap 2015 version and populated with imperial minifigs.
  15. I personally like Rebel Builder’s mocs among other SW mocs. I build an Interceptor and it looks like an official Lego set together with the other official TIEs I own. Still, I would like to have new official TIE variants, mostly a Bomber which now would be more feasible due to the latest trend.