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  1. Yeah, I feel something like the Duel on Mandalore, or slightly bigger, with no exteriors, would be safe, taking also into account that the show is new.
  2. Yes, the last AT-STs (Rogue One and Mandalorian) are very good sets but actually oversized, while the old Endor one has a better scale. I think the AT-ST would be a good candidate for a minifig-scale or a slightly downscaled version like the last TIE Fighter and X-wing. But all at a lower price, not $60. I would pay $60 if they also include an Endor bunker entrance with a couple of rebel troopers.
  3. I sold my 7965 (2011) to upgrade to 75257 (which I bought 40% off). I think it looks much better and its shape is more accurate. I’m overall very satisfied (taking als into account that the upgrade was rather cheap).
  4. While the BB shuttle has some accepable limitations (most of which can be fixed/modded), the cockpit (choice of the piece and sticker) really bothers me. Did anyone try to modify it, either brick building or using the windscreen nr 24226c01 / 24235c01 (from Dawn of Justice’s batmobile/batwing)? It would be interesting to see some pictures of how the BB shuttle looks like with those.
  5. From what I’ve seen in reviews, it seems the printing of the new mando helmet is slightly different as it happened to you. My mando from the Razor Crest looks like the one on the left, while the new one seems to have the «visor» printed lower. In my opinion the bigger gap over the visor doesn’t look good at all.
  6. This set could have been elevated with a simple 2in1, by allowing to choose between either the traditional LAAT but bubble turrets or the version with front doors seen in Clone Wars (as set 7676). I personally prefer the look of the latter.
  7. The LAAT is beautiful and massive as expected! If you want it at minifig scale use it with army of Jack Stone clones!
  8. Why is 75312 Boba Fett's Starship not named Slave I? Hopefully end of discussion :) Once the ship is on your shelf, or in your kid's hand, the name on the box (which in most of the cases will be thrown away) doesn't really matter that much.
  9. Beyond the Brick is already out with a review of the Imperial Light Cruiser. I like it includes two mini TIE Fighters with transparent printed tiles for the cockpit!
  10. I had exactely the same thought. It seems the wings can be easily swapped, as they are connected with technic pins only. It would look excellent displayed in landing position with the wings showing the their nicest side rather than the antistuds. A simple mod to add the landing gear would also benefit the look.
  11. You are not alone! The Mandalorian Starfighter looks excellent, especially when the wings are displayed in horizontal position. The side with antistuds doesn’t look that great as expected, but it is still good in my opinion. Happy it has landing mode and hosts two minifigs. At that piece count and price it could not have been better.
  12. I had slightly higher expectations for the ITT. I think the ITT seen in season 1 (which can hold 3 stormtroopers per side) is more iconic that this one from season 2. Moreover, with 3 stormtroopers provided in the set it would be more useful to be able to transport them rather than having on foot. The ITT from season 1 is also very similar to that appeared several times in Rebels.
  13. They really look like good custom figures. Does Lego do printing in the vertical part of the hip piece (where the legs are connected)?
  14. Totally agree! I was also skeptical in the beginning, but I am now very satisfied with the new X-wing which is better proportioned with other ships of similar or bigger size). In fact, this made me buy the new TIE Fighter for May the 4th, as now I think the Solo one is far too big. I do plan to widen the connections between cockpit and wings to have a Rebels version.