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  1. There is now a video of the UCS Razor Crest from Boyond the Brick, and some shorts on Youtube.
  2. Very happy to finally see a TIE Bomber, I think the size will still be respectable (compared to the most recent TIE fighters and previous TIEs) and the price very attractive. Personally, I would be happy with a Bomber without a pilot, so a pilot, Vader and a Gonk are all welcome.
  3. Can I ask which one, with or without pins? I would be very curious to see a picture as I was condidering doing the same.
  4. If the UCS Razor Crest is indeed minifig scale, it is not unlikely it will include more than two minifigures as previuos UCS minifig scale sets. This UCS Razor Crest could have for instance 4-6 minifigures (of which 1-2 could be exclusive). This might also better justify the price tag.
  5. I’ve just seen Thiago’s review of the AT-TE, which comes with 3 extra visors and 4 extra antennas. I guess it can be possible to make a custom Cody out of a new Clone Trooper and those extra pieces (without buying the whole set).
  6. Accurate description, I don’t think that set deserves more words
  7. AT-AT is a very good set with excellent minifigures at a reasonable price! The only thing missing is posable legs, which seems to be a general issue on SW walkers. The Justifier, on the contrary, isn’t that great. This ship should have been downscaled, while the BB shuttle should have been upscaled. I just hope the Ghost will make its appearance in live action as I hope we can get a nice remake in a $200 range (size and shape similar to the Justifier).
  8. Lego really deserves compliments this time for a number of reasons: 1. We got a Cody minifigure! 2. It’s phase 2 Cody 3. It looks excellent 4. Its design can be used with previous clones and works well with both ROTS and TCW 5. It comes in a set which is not too expensive and offers other interesting minifigures which are massable (as well as the set itself) 6. Lego actually listen to the fans, even the AFOL minority, and sometimes does please their wishes
  9. I think the Razor Crest remains an iconic ship, despite its unfortunate destiny and, as such, a Lego UCS version can be successful. Still, I wonder whether a UCS version was planned based on Season 3 and a possible come back of the ship in universe. That would clearly explain the choice.
  10. I normally like gunships/transport ships, but this new set from Andor looks like a chibi version of a LAAT. I just hope that the set will be decent representation of the ship in universe.
  11. It’s not excluded that both Owen and Beru will both appear in a future set (making Beru not any longer exclusive to this GWP).
  12. I have just seen the Death Star Trench Run Diorama and the Dagobah Jedi Training on preorder for NOK 499 (~€ 49) and NOK 699 (~€ 69), respectively, on a Norwegian webstore. Prices on for these two sets are NOK 799 (~€ 79) and NOK 999 (~€ 99). Those prices are much lower (30% to 37% off) and seem quite reasonable. Did anyone find similar pre-order prices in other countries?
  13. It seems a strange choice, especially taking into account the overall unpopularity of the last GWP microbuilds offered as May the 4th promos. It is indeed similar (but of course improved and very detailed) to the Death Star II Battle, which was probably the least popular among the four GWP microbuilds.
  14. I couldn’t agree more. If the picture is legit, I reallt look forward to this set! The head piece from minidolls suits perfectly to the shape of a Kaminoan’s head.
  15. The Nebulon-B in universe is 300 m long, exactely double the length of the Tantive IV. A UCS set could be one where the same scale is maintained, meaning approximately 150 studs which equals 120 cm. Rather long, but well displayable. Still, I expect Lego would go for something slightly smaller, maybe 80 cm. I would buy it for around $300-350.