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  1. Razvy_cluj_ro

    [MOC] Central Park Casino

    Hello everyone! This is my first post on Eurobricks in a while! Located in the heart of Transylvania, Cluj Napoca is the second biggest city in Romania. Built in an Architecture theme style, the Central Park Casino is one of the most representative and well-known buildings of the city. It is the main building of the city's Central Park, and it has served multiple purposes over the years, currently being used as a cultural destination. Being built in the late 19th century, its eclectic architecture is closely resembled using LEGO elements. The LEGO model consists of 1650 pieces that represent as closely as possible the small details, columns, windows and overall shape of the real-world Casino. It was built with a modular design in mind, resulting in 25 different subsections such as the baseplates, arches, corners, sides, roof, etc. The MOC was showcased at the Brickenburg Winter Exhibition of 2019-2020, in Romania, and also at the Skaerbaek Fan Weekend 2019, in Denmark. If you wish to support it, you can find the Casino on LEGO Ideas: https://ideas.lego.com/projects/6405c9e0-f7d0-47ef-a075-6fd097deaf52 Thank you very much! Would love to hear your opinions on this.
  2. Razvy_cluj_ro

    [MOC] Microscale Winter Vignette

    Thank you! The idea with the snow plow came in a second of inspiration. About the cars in front of the house, yes, there is a parked one buried in snow and the other one is getting out of the snowdrifts, leaving traces behind.
  3. Hello, this is my last creation after almost a one year break. It's a little vignette built for the Winter 2015 Brickenburg Contest and it represents a snow fall scenery. I really enjoyed building it and I hope you like it, too! Microscale Winter Vignette by Horhat Razvan, on Flickr Microscale Winter Vignette by Horhat Razvan, on Flickr Here is my Flickr Photostream: https://www.flickr.c.../razvy_cluj_ro/
  4. Razvy_cluj_ro

    Lucky rooster

    Thanks! @Ardelon, it's a child story ... and google translate isn't very good in translating from romanian
  5. Razvy_cluj_ro

    Lucky rooster

    Thank you all! :D
  6. Razvy_cluj_ro

    Lucky rooster

    Hi! This moc represents a scene from the romanian story ,,The bag with two coins" where a rooster finds a pouch with two cois and pass through many adventures to bring the bag to his master. I strived a lot with this... I had to look at hundreds of photos with roosters ...and I had to build it in one day Lucky rooster by Razvy_cluj_ro, on Flickr Lucky rooster by Razvy_cluj_ro, on Flickr That coins! by Razvy_cluj_ro, on Flickr Lucky rooster by Razvy_cluj_ro, on Flickr Happy rooster by Razvy_cluj_ro, on Flickr Hope you like it! Happy new year!
  7. Razvy_cluj_ro

    MOC - Winter House

    Thanks! @timmyc1983, I'm very glad that you noticed the detailes ! I strived a lot with that chimney. And about the table, I saw that technique once somewhere.
  8. Razvy_cluj_ro

    MOC - Winter House

    Hi, this is my first winter MOC, wherewith I won second place at LUGs United Contest 2013. It's a specifical winter scene, with some kids playing in snow, a snowman, a snowy tree and a small house with snow slowly sliding down the roof. Winter House by Razvy_cluj_ro, on Flickr Winter House by Razvy_cluj_ro, on Flickr Inside the house, a cat is resting next to the fireplace, and two men are taking a glass of wine: Winter House - inside by Razvy_cluj_ro, on Flickr Hope you like it! Happy holidays!
  9. Razvy_cluj_ro

    Contest Contest: Pimp My Camper! Entry Thread

    VW Crane Van, a mobile crane that can lift up to 4 Mini Campers at once :) Here it's with the crane arm raised and outriggers on place (sorry for the background): Now with the crane arm ,,extended" :D More photos on Flickr
  10. Razvy_cluj_ro

    Contest Contest: Pimp My Camper! Entry Thread

    Here is my VW Prisoner Transport Van, ready to transport all the villans! Flickr Set
  11. Razvy_cluj_ro

    DeLorean DMC-12

    Hi. I saw that everybody builds the Back to the Future version of the DMC-12, so i thought why not to build the real version of the car? I tried hard to make it as closest as possible to the real car. Notice all the little slopes and the building techniques :D Here it is: Back side: Side view: And the interior of the car: Flickr link I forgot to say that this is my second attemp to build the Delorean DMC-12. This was the first version: I hope you like it! Comments are welcome!
  12. I think rm88's Boss musclecar is the most suitable because -is one of the best entries -it have those optional winch, bar and lights -it have a good number of pieces ; not too much, not too less. The other entries are also great but I think the musclecar will have a correct price, not so expensive
  13. Razvy_cluj_ro

    What was your LEGO Technic at x-mas 2012 ?

    I got the 8069. Maybe it was the last chance to buy this great set
  14. But where's zblj's entry? http://technic.us.lego.com/en-us/Creations/Details/Default.aspx?projectid=dc9b8da9-2daa-4d94-b347-d6c9ebd7b196&sort=latest&index=563 I think it is the most voted (281 votes). And it is the best for me
  15. Razvy_cluj_ro

    9395, 9394 or 8069?

    Thanks for your comments! I think I'll choose between 8069 and 9395. 9394 remain as a reserve . Now I must decide what I need more ; 9395: a couple of functions, many (ordinary) parts or 8069: a lot of functions, less parts, but some of them very cool and useful... I built often cars than excavators/buldozers and things like this, but some mini LAs, buckets and 81x38 tires are always welcome