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    (Classic) Space, Pirates, Castle
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    75810 - Stranger Things

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  1. Laddie

    LEGO Hidden Side 2020

    As expected, the lighthouse is the top set. I also like the portal and the plane a lot. I cannot recognize a metro station, but the colour scheme is quite nice. The truck is... just another truck, highlited with the double-headed ghost. The only positive about the coster/fairground set are the minifigs. I like the Clowns. The rest is really weak.
  2. Generally spoken the use of stickers isn´t a great issue for me, there are pros and cons on both sides in my opinion. But when I look at this picture I´m afraid a mistake when putting the filler cap stickers on will ruin the optic. I think I will get those parts printed, if it´s possible. I will ask some brick-printing guys what to do.
  3. The official pictures just are ...- wow. The set is incredible and has to find ist way underneath the christmas tree (and will be ordered long before, regarding to the GWP, that is officially announced by stonewars and promobricks in Germany). Only the Stickers for the filler caps is a minus to me.... It will be hard to keep the symmetry...
  4. Laddie

    LEGO Hidden Side 2020

    Try again with the search option on instagram while #legoleaks is opened. It works.
  5. Laddie

    HIDDEN SIDE - 2019

    The main reason for the heavy discounts should be that the app is up to now a complete failure. It doesn´t run on average smartphones children use (the percentage of children with flagship smartphones is really small, I guess.) and for grown ups the contend is too lame in my opinion. The sets are really well done, great design, great minifigs and high playability. I like HS a lot. But the app is an issue and the main critisism regarding to the people I talked to.
  6. Laddie

    LEGO Hidden Side 2020

    Search for exaclegogo and have a look at the 4th picture he posted. I had to look twice, too. The clown is shown from behind, so that you only can see the purple cylinder, the white head and the color of the torso. Btw and off topic: the Ninjago villain is extremely nice designed.
  7. A new detailed picture of Joker and Batman is leaked. Batman´s one piece cape-mask-combination and the print of the Joker minifig is really amazing.
  8. A very promising leak. The minifig stand is nicely done with those elements of gargoyles, jus as in the final scene on the tower of Gotham Cathedral. The cockpit seems to have quite a lot details... I can´t wait to see the official detailed pictures. And I´m proved wrong... about 3200 pieces just for a vehicle. Awesome.
  9. Laddie

    [MOC] M-Tron Space Train

    Wow, that´s really amazing, nice job! If I remember correctly M-Tron was also meant as a rescue Team, so an emergency wagon or a first aid container should probably work well!
  10. Since I read about the Vicki Vale-minigig I´m pretty sure that the set will be similar to the 75936 with the Batmobile instead of the T-Rex as the iconic part of the set and some nice details done around to suggest the most important scenes of the film. The number of parts as well as another minifig make me think so.
  11. Laddie

    Hi everybody!

    Thank you all for your friendly welcome! The first creation should be a appropriate avatar picture, I guess... my tomorrows mission.
  12. Laddie

    Hi everybody!

    Hi everybody, I´m Andi from Germany. Born in 1980, I grew up with LEGO classic space, pirates, castle... All those great themes from the past that many of us want to come back so badly. My dark ages only lasted for a couple of years. When I was in my early 20ies I started collecting old classic space sets, and bought Little sets from time to time... I never lost contact to LEGO. But it was not a serious hobby. My interested busted when I became a father. Since then, LEGO is family Business, including my wife. That makes things a lot easier for me, especially all those budget discussions... I´m no a MOCcer (yet?) but I´m fascinated by all those little pieces of art you show here or in other fanbases. It is somehow motivation to give it a try on my own, on the other hand I have the feeling I´m still not there. Meanwhile I enjoy Building all the nice sets. Especially the modular Buildings. I´m excited to read and hear a lot more about the international AFOL fanbase here. My English got a Little rusty throughout the years, but I´m ready to improve... So, pelase be gentle... Take care and leg godt! Andi