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    Technic Bugatti and Creator Ford Mustang

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    Building Lego Technic MOCs and I am also a car nut.


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  1. StudWorks

    [WIP] Lexus LC500

    @Jeroen Ottens So I tried to angle the doors upwards, but it's really challenging and everything looks off. I'm deciding to keep the doors unangled, since the real LC's doors are angled very slightly. What's your opinion?
  2. StudWorks

    [WIP] Lexus LC500

    Thanks for the advice Jeroen. I'll try angling the doors and see if that makes things look better. A lot of parts of the car I see as being good enough at my current skill level and experience, though. It's nice to hear from you again, it's been a long time since I have been able to make progress on the build. Currently working on remaking the front fenders and the rear of the car. I'm also using Studio for the areas to order necessary pieces from BrickLink.
  3. Amazing progress! It would be nice if this could drift by having each rear wheel moved by its own motor, I wanted to try this with an AE86 MOC.
  4. StudWorks

    [WIP] Lexus LC500

    Finished the doors!
  5. That’s really excellent feedback thank you everybody! I have never made instructions for a real life build before, any suggestions on how I can make instructions after I have already built the MOC?
  6. I just started making MOCs and would like to make instructions someday. I already have Studio and currently I build everything IRL. Is it easier to build MOCs in Studio first? Especially with exteriors and chassis?
  7. StudWorks

    [WIP] Lexus LC500

    Got some major progress on the LC. Current challenges are adding the doors, and then building the rear bumper, trunk, taillights, and spoiler. What do you think of the build so far?
  8. Hi. I'm working on my first 1:8 scale Technic car and while building it I used other MOC instructions for inspiration, and I wondered, how do master supercar/scale technic model car builders learn how to build their own chassis, axles, and exterior? I can't really build my own axles/chassis without learning from the instructions of other MOCs, and I'm really curious about how all of the best Technic supercar MOC builders learned all of their master building knowledge with exterior and chassis building.
  9. StudWorks

    [WIP] Lexus LC500

    I'm back with the project and now I'm brainstorming with I believe to be the hardest part of the exterior, the headlights. Here's a headlight on the real car. And here's a headlight I made. Honestly this is a very tricky part of this car to build with Lego and I tried my best. Any advice or is this good enough for now?
  10. Thank you for your reply. You’re so right, I have shelved this for a while because I know it’s going to be so difficult but I must figure it out. The hardest part is the exterior and I have never done one so I am struggling with where to start. Any advice?
  11. StudWorks

    [WIP] Lexus LC500

    I finished the grille design, and I'm pretty pleased with it. The gray 12L piece on the bottom is for adding slope bricks when I get some.
  12. StudWorks

    [WIP] Lexus LC500

    @TechnicRCRacer Thanks! I started out my Technic career with EV3 before I got BuWizz and Power Functions motors. Why I chose this powertrain option is just for sentimental value.
  13. This is my first 1:8 Lego car and my passion project for over three years. I had just finished the chassis and the bottom of the grille before a big move meant I had to wait a whole year to work on this again. Here are the blueprints for the model using Sariel's model scaler. Pic 1 is in inches and Pic 2 is in studs. This is my first accurate Lego exterior job so any advice would be appreciated.
  14. I'm now working on the car's grille and need a bit of advice... I made the bottom part of the grille, on a slight incline just like the bottom section of the grille on the Lexus. My finger is pointing at one of the inclined beams right against the light gray frame piece. Is this the right way to build this? It works at keeping the grille in place at an angle but I'm worried if the pins holding the beam grille become loose from the beams pushing against the frame piece. Any advice would be appreciated.
  15. Hi @Sariel... Just wanted you to know there wasn't any issue with the scaler at all. I just had to ignore what the scaler told me the scale was (in this particular case, 1:8.3 was not the scale) and place the measurements I found feasible for 1:8.6 scale. Here's a measurement chart I made in studs. Happy building!