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  1. I agree that finale was a bit rushed, but anyway we got everything that we needed to get, I mean, we saw how Nya controls ice, how Kai's powers come back and how Zane becomes good again. Remember, they only had 11 minutes for the finale, not 22 like they used to have. And to my mind all these filler episodes were just for showing all (or almost all) abilities of new studio DHX media. You know, effects like anime and this "dark style" in Kaiju Protocol and also everything else were just for... um fun(?) Maybe they were really pointless and didn't have any special and important plot, but it was funny to watch such episodes. I also like this new style of animation, because it's a bit different from previous seasons. To my mind, it was really better (just my opinion) especially moments with using elemental powers. The only bad thing about finale, except of rushed plot, was the lack of angst and drama. That was the only thing that was missed and was bad for ending season in such way. Anyway, I hope s12 will catch up everything. And now we only have to wait some time.
  2. PiGiDi

    LEGO Ninjago 2019

    Few hours ago Jay s12 was leaked. And it looks pretty good (my opinion)
  3. PiGiDi

    Ninjago season 11

    So, season 11 is coming to the end and if everything will be alright, we will see episodes 25 and 26 tomorrow. I really wish to know what do you think about this season and how you wish it to be finished.
  4. PiGiDi

    Hello everyone

    Hi! I'm new here I'm HUGE Ninjago fan :-) And I came here to communicate with other fans all around the world. The only problem is that I'm not native English speaker, but I hope we will deal. I'll try my best to be active and helpful