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  1. Omand

    Mandalorian MOC Wave

    Excellent work. If these were real, I might be buying a couple of copies of some of them (the Assault Lander is just cool). Thanks for sharing. Cheers :)
  2. Omand

    Project Tatooine

    Very impressive!
  3. Sorry, cannot help you with the A-Wing, but several UCS sets in recent years have only been up for sale for 12 - 18 months, so it may be close to retirement as it came out last May 4th. The Star Destroyer is likely even closer to retirement since it has been out Since October 2019. Now that said, perhaps they are looking at longer shelf life if things are selling well. The latest UCS Millennium Falcon has been on shelves for longer than expected (although there are rumours it is now officially retired and will disappear from Lego sites once the current supply chain issues are solved). Nothing really definite there, sorry. Cheers :)
  4. Looks great. Out of curiousity, approximately how many parts in the ITT/Trexler Marauder? Cheers :)
  5. Omand

    77904 Nebulon B Frigate

    Well, yes, but my point was that the recent Bespin Duel set was also listed as a US exclusive, but was marketed to both the US and Canada (aka the english speaking portion of North America). There was the real possibility that the same trend would repeat for this release. Remember, the Bespin Duel was also supposed to be a US Convention exclusive.
  6. Omand

    77904 Nebulon B Frigate

    Unlike the Bespin Duel set, it looks like Lego really did make this one a US only exclusive. Checked multiple times on Shop Lego Canada with no luck, an not a hint of it showing up on Oh well, at least it can be built with the instructions. Cheers
  7. Maybe we do. They are speculating on what may show up in the 2021 sets. We do not have confirmation on any of this so far (even the Death Star Droid leak is not a confirmation on where it may show up). Cheers :)
  8. Nothing official, and no credible rumours on what 75303 will be that I have seen. That it will be the Spring UCS set seems pretty certain according to the regular sources, but nothing beyond that. Of course, I stand to be corrected. Cheers :)
  9. I know you got your answer, but in all of the sets I have collected, I have only had missing parts twice. The first time was a Star Wars set and amazingly it was a pair of blasters. I was amazed that something like that could be missed in packing. Lego Customer Service was very good about the replacement though. The second time was a Bricks and Pieces order. That was likely picker error, as think those are the only orders that have a human doing the parts collection. Again, no issue with replacement. Like Mandalorianknight I have had mis-printed pieces on several occasions (and messed up stickers). Lego Customer Service is always good about making good on the issue, even if you have to wait a few weeks for the replacement to arrive. Cheers :)
  10. Omand

    Unpopular Opinions related to Lego Star Wars

    If you have Disney+ then go over to the Star Wars Portal, and under that you will find a line for Series. Clone Wars should be there with two entries (one for Season 1 - 6 and the second for Season 7 stand-alone). Cheers :)
  11. So, for those interested - Bespin Duel 75294 has just gone from "Temporarily Unavailable" to "Backorder" status on At least for the Canadian version of the sales site. If you missed out before, now may be the time to try to get an order in. They are limiting quantities, but I suspect this round will be similar to last round. Cheers :)
  12. Bespin Duel, which just went into Back Order status on LegoShop (in Canada at least).
  13. Hello, For those interested, the Bespin Duel 75294 is now listed as "Temporarily Out of Stock" on all of the following Lego Shop sites: Canada Mexico United States It does not look like the set has made the migration anywhere outside of North America, but it does look like it may be back for a second wave of sales once manufacturing catches up. At least that is what I can hope considering early last week it was showing up as "Sold Out" For those in other locations, you may be able to still get a copy if you have connections in North America. Cheers :)