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  1. From the Haunted House set, I believe.

    I did my Green Grocer in Dark Blue, and it came out great. This may be the only other building I've run across in Dark Blue, and it really works here also. Great build.

    The only problem I have is the Blue bay doors in contrast with the Dark Blue. The Dark Blue is a powerful, royal, regal kind of color which usually is complimented by other shades of blue, but because this other shade, here, is separate from it, it seems to clash. My own opinion; I think the doors, and thus the building, would look much better with gray or silver doors perhaps, or a white ones if not. But I'm not savvy on these kinds of doors so I'm unaware as to what's available - which of course, may be why you chose these. Because of availability.

    Still, very nice.

    You are limited to blue, white, red, black and trans colours. Hence the blue being best option IMO

    It's a nice building though I agree with the others that it's quite close to FB. Anyhow what interests me most is the working lighthouse which is really amazing. Could you please tell something about that?

    What would you like to know about it and will tell you?

    Wow! What an upgrade! I like the old one a lot due to its modern look and its depth, but this one is just as beautiful, and makes up for the depth with its height!

    Is that a custom sticker for the computer/recording units? If it's from a set, which one? I'd love to pick up a few of those on bricklink

    Nope its a printed piece from Citizen Bricks, while maybe not 19040's I still felt the fitted with the general feel of the building.

  2. It's been a year in the making. I decided I wasn't happy with my old orange/blue Coast Guard building (See here)and decided to build a new building with a Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI) here in the UK. So I picked a dark blue colour scheme. The first two floors was based on the building being an RNLI building but when I came back to it the idea then evolved to become a World War 2 themed Naval HQ.scheme.

    This is themed of the fire station modular.

    16131354618_b1fb9cdb40.jpgWW2 Naval HQ Modular Building by Mohican Runner, on Flickr

    16132712709_5b4299a12d.jpgWW2 Naval HQ Modular Building by Mohican Runner, on Flickr

    16318902555_e553a08ed1.jpgWW2 Naval HQ Modular Building by Mohican Runner, on Flickr

    16318900725_2ed7e308b1.jpgWW2 Naval HQ Modular Building by Mohican Runner, on Flickr

    16318896495_e13f53c4e7.jpgWW2 Naval HQ Modular Building by Mohican Runner, on Flickr

    16318894405_0cfc2f579d.jpgWW2 Naval HQ Modular Building by Mohican Runner, on Flickr

    The ground floor was not altered but the interior of the 1st floor was removed and was replaced with the desks with phones for taking calls from spies and from allied information and then I also added two large free standing recording units for sending messages etc. In the middle of the room was a large map with 1x1 cheese slopes representing different units both in the sea and on land.

    I then added a 3rd floor which was the recreation room, complete with kitchen, seating area and bunk beds for sleeping. I even added a gramophone/record player as well. Plus the ladder leads up to the light house. The outside of this floor was different so it was a complete repeat of the floor below.

    16318022822_7aae9bec9d.jpgWW2 Naval HQ Modular Building by Mohican Runner, on Flickr

    The roof was a big job because I decided to add a power function light house to the top, this meant finding space for the battery box and other elements. This was a case of trial and error but finally got a configuration I was happy with and also allowed me access to switch the light brick on and off. The power box sits under the roof and the rest of the PF are housed in the actual light house.

    16318865215_13de81693a.jpgWW2 Naval HQ Modular Building by Mohican Runner, on Flickr

    16318011512_de45da35ed.jpgWW2 Naval HQ Modular Building by Mohican Runner, on Flickr

    15699005653_a2cb4ff453.jpgWW2 Naval HQ Modular Building by Mohican Runner, on Flickr

    16318885595_8f95444046.jpgWW2 Naval HQ Modular Building by Mohican Runner, on Flickr

    With the vehicles I based both of them on the ones from the Indiana Jones theme, just changing certain parts and the colours to look like full blown military vehicles. Also the minifigures all have the classic face like official sets. I am really pleased with how this came out and it now has a place in my modular city.

    15698969733_92da045b70.jpgWW2 Naval HQ Modular Building by Mohican Runner, on Flickr

    16318862665_60aba99a39.jpgWW2 Naval HQ Modular Building by Mohican Runner, on Flickr

    Full article: http://brickfanatics...ular-project-4/

    More photos:

  3. Tonight gone to open a couple of .lxf files in LDD and get the following messages:

    Error Handler: 55- File Already Open ??

    Then it save action complete but nothing is importing?

    Not had this issue before. I closed it and tried again on various files but still no luck in getting it to work. Funny thing is it has been working fine for months? Any tips on how to find a fix please.

  4. I can officially reveal the line up and image:

    The line up we can officially reveal is as follows:

    • William Shakespeare
    • Gail the Construction Worker
    • Panda Guy
    • Abraham Lincoln
    • Taco Tuesday Guy
    • Larry the Barista
    • President Business
    • Calamity Drone
    • Marsha Queen of the Mermaids
    • Wild West Wyldstyle
    • Scribbe-Face Bad Cop
    • Velma Staplebot
    • Hard Hat Emmet
    • “Where are my Pants?” Guy
    • Mrs. Scratchen-Post
    • Wiley Fusebot.


  5. That looks like a minifig baby from Citizen Brick, unfortunately I don't see those on their website any more. Bummer, I wanted to order some but never got around to it.

    Yep it is from them and you can get them from Firestar toys still

    Your buildings are truly beautiful. How did you make the baby that the lady is holding in the second pic?


    Took the words right out of my mouth...errr keyboard!!

    I didn't even notice the baby. Such a great layout.


    Also the beach will be back but on a larger scale and with better ideas such as two colours for wet and dry sand etc. This week ordering begins on my next building.

  6. I remember thinking you were nuts using all those 1x1 plates in the water, but seeing the end result, it's such a worthwhile endeavor.

    don't worry I thought I was nuts too and it was very tedious putting them on but I think it looks better then a plain base plate. I always think it is the extra detail than can make MOCs look that little bit better.

  7. Definitely need to buy a PaB cup for the sea pieces. I shutter to think about anyone buying them individually...

    I really like the marina, its coming along great. Excellent work!

    Yep I got them all via PaB it just adds to the overall look. Working on my next building currently and hoping to start ordering soon

  8. Ok update time, photos are not great due to a few things but here is the layout so far. Next up is to fill the 64 stud space between chilis and the Coast Guard HQ


    Big Update by 13inthirteen, on Flickr


    Big Update (11) by 13inthirteen, on Flickr


    Big Update (14) by 13inthirteen, on Flickr


    Big Update (15) by 13inthirteen, on Flickr


    Big Update (20) by 13inthirteen, on Flickr


    Big Update (21) by 13inthirteen, on Flickr


    Big Update (22) by 13inthirteen, on Flickr

    Details of what has changed and been done can be found here:

  9. This is a list of events what went down and is the best we will get without Cuusoo making an official statement.

    -Brick Queen posted two Jurassic Park entries on Cuusoo and she getting a lot of support for that

    -two other members also posted Jurassic Park entries on Cuusoo, with entries partially similar to those of Brick Queen

    -Brick Queen was very upset because of that and she and some of her followers started accusing those other two of plagiarism and stealing attention

    -in course of heated up action on the comments section Brick Queen opened several other accounts on Cuusoo and started using them for insults and and accusations

    -Cuusoo admins noted that and banned her account and removed all her Cuusoo entries

    -Brick Queen posted "crying" video and she and some of her followers started campaign over several AFOL sites to make her look the victim.