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  1. It's been a year in the making. I decided I wasn't happy with my old orange/blue Coast Guard building (See here)and decided to build a new building with a Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI) here in the UK. So I picked a dark blue colour scheme. The first two floors was based on the building being an RNLI building but when I came back to it the idea then evolved to become a World War 2 themed Naval HQ.scheme. This is themed of the fire station modular. WW2 Naval HQ Modular Building by Mohican Runner, on Flickr WW2 Naval HQ Modular Building by Mohican Runner, on Flickr WW2 Naval HQ Modular Building by Mohican Runner, on Flickr WW2 Naval HQ Modular Building by Mohican Runner, on Flickr WW2 Naval HQ Modular Building by Mohican Runner, on Flickr WW2 Naval HQ Modular Building by Mohican Runner, on Flickr The ground floor was not altered but the interior of the 1st floor was removed and was replaced with the desks with phones for taking calls from spies and from allied information and then I also added two large free standing recording units for sending messages etc. In the middle of the room was a large map with 1x1 cheese slopes representing different units both in the sea and on land. I then added a 3rd floor which was the recreation room, complete with kitchen, seating area and bunk beds for sleeping. I even added a gramophone/record player as well. Plus the ladder leads up to the light house. The outside of this floor was different so it was a complete repeat of the floor below. WW2 Naval HQ Modular Building by Mohican Runner, on Flickr The roof was a big job because I decided to add a power function light house to the top, this meant finding space for the battery box and other elements. This was a case of trial and error but finally got a configuration I was happy with and also allowed me access to switch the light brick on and off. The power box sits under the roof and the rest of the PF are housed in the actual light house. WW2 Naval HQ Modular Building by Mohican Runner, on Flickr WW2 Naval HQ Modular Building by Mohican Runner, on Flickr WW2 Naval HQ Modular Building by Mohican Runner, on Flickr WW2 Naval HQ Modular Building by Mohican Runner, on Flickr With the vehicles I based both of them on the ones from the Indiana Jones theme, just changing certain parts and the colours to look like full blown military vehicles. Also the minifigures all have the classic face like official sets. I am really pleased with how this came out and it now has a place in my modular city. WW2 Naval HQ Modular Building by Mohican Runner, on Flickr WW2 Naval HQ Modular Building by Mohican Runner, on Flickr Full article: http://brickfanatics...ular-project-4/ More photos:
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    [MOC] WW2 Naval HQ Modular Building

    You are limited to blue, white, red, black and trans colours. Hence the blue being best option IMO What would you like to know about it and will tell you? Nope its a printed piece from Citizen Bricks, while maybe not 19040's I still felt the fitted with the general feel of the building.
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    [MOC] WW2 Naval HQ Modular Building

    I forgot to mention the light house actually works:
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    [MOC] WW2 Naval HQ Modular Building

    Yes they were --> http://en.wikipedia....lossus_computer is just one example :-) The ones I used are just the same concept
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    Review: 6234 Renegade's Raft

    Introduction This set was the first one I purchased after getting back into LEGO, after a good 15 year absence. I originally owned this set the first time 'round, and I am aiming to get back all the old sets I once owned. The only way to do this is to buy it second had, so my first port of call was ebay. At the time of purchase, I was unsure what a decent price was for it, so I may have spent over the odds for it. The set I purchased came without a box, sadly, but I don't buy sets to sit in boxes so wasn't really fussed. The main things for me personally were instructions and a decent condition. In the end the set cost me £10.52 including P&P. The set itself was originally released during the Pirate Theme's most popular era, which for me was 1989-1992, though some may dispute that. The set was out in 1991 and was a small set containing only one mini figure; however it came with a shark which was good, as you did not get many sharks with the smaller sets. I think at the time I only had one other shark, so it was a welcome addition to my growing Pirate horde. Product Details Set No: 6234 Set Name: Renegade's Raft Theme: Pirates Released: 1991 Minifigures: 1 Pieces:38 RRP: £1.99 Purchase Price: £10.52 Links: Brickset Box/Packaging I did not get a box with the set I purchased off eBay. However the image on Peeron gives you a clear indication of what the box looked like. Also it is worth noting that you could get this set in a purple box or yellow box, not sure why that was. I was also able to find a photo of the back of the box as this image shows. Instructions My instruction booklet, if you can call it that! is in a used condition, but it only shows signs along the edges. The booklet consists of a fold out piece of paper with instructions front and back. If you lay it on it's side, it's about the same length as an A4 piece of paper. The front side has the cover art at the top, followed by the assembly of the minifigure and then the shark. This is then followed by stages 1 to 3. When you turn over, you have the rest of the instructions numbered 4 to 8. However, for build purposes, number 8 shows the completed set and number one and two, is the image of the rectangle base of the raft, one facing up and the other turned up side down, for me I can't see the point of the first two stages. Parts The parts, once they arrived in a padded envelope, were first hand washed individually to get any dust and grease off them and then were placed on a white board and counted to make sure all the parts were there, according to the count by Brickset. After washing them, each piece was inspected for major damage, as I wanted the set to be in as perfect condition as possible. After inspection, one piece (Black coloured plate 1 x 2 with 1 Stud) was found to be less then perfect, so I made a note of the piece, as I will replace that at a later date. The set includes two brown oars, the shark in two parts, a sword, pistol and pirate flag. The oar housing at the back is a movable part and this part I first had for the bonnet of set 6698. Personally I feel you get a good amount of pieces for such a small set. I was happy that most pieces being 20 years old were in very good condition. if I was to be picky I would replace the oars at some point as they have marks where they have been clipped on. Mini Figure Firstly the mini figure required assembly, nothing to it to be honest but to stick with the images, remember to have the hole in the hat at the front on the left side, also, only his right hand is held out. After that, I put the sharks jaw onto it's body, sometimes this can be a bit awkward and stiff, but once you have opened and closed it a few times there are no problems. The mini figure is not a bad one as you get quite a lot of detail on it. I like how the face has an eye patch and if people remember the Pirate theme was the first to get different faces. The top is one of my fav from the Pirate themes with the excellent design on the front. Build Well, to be honest, it is a set which built once, can be built again without the instructions. I even had a go at doing it without the instructions, as memories came flooding back. It was rather easy, but for the purpose of this review I will take you through the build stage by stage. I split the building of the raft into three parts, the first 3 stages, the second 3 stages and completion. The first stage mainly consisted of the underside of the raft. Stages one and two instruct you to get the black 4x6 plate and then turn it up side down. Stage 3, really is the start of the build. Firstly you have to get two black bracket 1x2 - 1x4. This is so you can fix it to the underside of the base and have bricks on the side as well. Then what you have to do, is put 8 yellow 1x1 Round with Hollow Stud, on each one, with each stud having have two yellow bricks on it. This is repeated again and then you put them back to back, so the yellow bricks are facing outwards from the center of the base. One thing I noticed is you can see a little mark on all the yellow bricks, from the production process. I always make sure if possible these are not visible. Stages 4,5 and 6 basically finish the raft build. Stage 4 adds a grey 2x2 plate to the underside of the raft, thus securing the parts you put on in stage 3 of the build. Stage 5 is the stage of the build on top of the base. Firstly you put two black 1x1 plate with vertical clip (Type 2), on the far side of the raft in the center of the outer row of the black 4x6 plate, these hold the sword and spare oar. At the back of the raft you put the black 1 x 2 hinge base together with the black 1x2 hinge top and set that in the middle of the raft on the back row. Make sure the top piece is in place and moves before moving on to step 6. Step 6 adds two more pieces to the raft, a black 1x2 plate on top of the hooks to secure them in place and black 1x2 plate with stud on top of the moveable part, so anything that is added to it sits in the middle. The final 2 stages sees the completion of the raft, step 7 sees you add the sword and oar to the hooks you added earlier and the flag pole to the black 1x2 plate we added. At the back, a black 1x1 tile with clip is placed on top of the black 1x2 plate with stud. This part allows for the oar we add in stage 8 to be bang in the middle of the moveable part, also, in step 8, we add the flag to the pole. The minifigure is added with him holding a pistol in his right had and we place the shark in front. Final Thoughts After I completed the build, I was pretty happy with how the set looked. Although it is very small, for me it has plenty of character. I like how the oar housing at back is a moveable part. The addition of a shark to a set is always good in my view. If I was to change anything, I would replace the yellow parts with brown ones to give it a more realistic colour scheme. I liked building it as I said and since I managed to replace the damage part with a replacement piece, it is one of the better little sets and for me is the best pirate raft from the early years, the shark, minifigure and the working parts, are the best parts of the set. However once you have built it, there ain't a lot of life in it for me but it is one crossed off my list of sets to purchase. Design: 7/10 - I like the design, unlike other rafts, it looks good, the part that allows you to move the oar at the back up and down is great. I like the addition of the shark to the set and the only thing I would change is the yellow pieces to a brown, to add more realism to the set, as I don't understand what the yellow bricks are meant to be, as a raft is made up of anything you can find usually. Parts: 6/10 You only get 38 parts with 16 of those being yellow. But you get a pirate flag and two oars with the set, so it allows you to adapt the set if you want, plus you get a shark which was great at the time, as if my memory is correct you only got sharks with bigger sets at the time. Minifigs: 8/10 One of my fav pirate mini figures, the face you get with a patch, the hat and the weapons is awesome, my only gripe is why the hole in the hat? if it was designed to have something in it then why does it not come with it? Build: 5/10 It is a very easy build, too easy if truth be told. A set like this can be complete from start to finish in under 5 minutes. I enjoyed doing it don't get me wrong, but it should be done to fill time in between bigger sets. Playability: 7/10 Well, as you can see from my final picture, the shark makes this set really fun and enjoyable, my only issue is the shark always wins hahaha Price: 5/10 I paid over the odds for the set, but you live and learn, you should be able to pick this set up for around £5 I reckon, but don't pay over £10 for it. Extra Designs The image above shows the pirate on a platform with the shark underneath. I like how they have made use of all the pieces to add detail to top and bottom of the platform. The pirate has built a small fort to defend against the shark attack and he looks ready to mount one last attack to defeat the shark. The pirate has made use of both oars and is making for a quick escape, notice how the raft is only using half the yellow bricks to the normal raft.
  6. Did you see my reply post @Superkalle ?
  7. I tried that and no luck when I try opening a file i get following message: -21474678259 - You cannot add or change a record because a related record is required in table 'tLDDDesignID Then says operation complete :-(
  8. Tonight gone to open a couple of .lxf files in LDD and get the following messages: Error Handler: 55- File Already Open ?? Then it save action complete but nothing is importing? Not had this issue before. I closed it and tried again on various files but still no luck in getting it to work. Funny thing is it has been working fine for months? Any tips on how to find a fix please.
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    Modular Stadium

    That is ace, you got link to these on Flickr?
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    Overpriced Coffee Café

    Any chance you will sell those stickers?
  11. Kevin Hinkle the North America Community Coordinator has posted an announcement via the Ambassador site about the discontinuation of Grab Bags in Brand stores not just in North America but globally.
  12. January 2014 and Cammo you can get all the minifigures from previous series from The Minifigure Store shipped direct to you if you want full collection
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    The LEGO Movie Sets News and Discussion

    Also Series 12 Movie details are here
  14. I can officially reveal the line up and image: The line up we can officially reveal is as follows: William Shakespeare Gail the Construction Worker Panda Guy Abraham Lincoln Taco Tuesday Guy Larry the Barista President Business Calamity Drone Marsha Queen of the Mermaids Wild West Wyldstyle Scribbe-Face Bad Cop Velma Staplebot Hard Hat Emmet “Where are my Pants?” Guy Mrs. Scratchen-Post Wiley Fusebot.
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    MOCs: 100% Lego Lighting

    That would be ace cheers.
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    MOCs: 100% Lego Lighting

    Impressed will you be sharing design/instructions as this is what all cities need!
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    I like it some nice details in this building
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    MOC: Barbershop

    I like the interior more that outside. Too much reddish brown, although like the design as different to what I've seen previously.
  19. Update 24-9/13 - Update 30/7/13 - http://www.eurobrick...9 Update 3/7/2013 - http://www.eurobrick...9 Progress pictures For the last year or so I have been planning, building, destroying and re-building my grand plan of having a large scale LEGO City layout called Leg Godt City (The names means play well in Danish). Originally starting life as a plan just to have sets in a layout, to then me becoming a fan of Modular buildings and me building the Coastguard HQ mk.1. I then when back to the drawing board and started planning on a city based on just modular buildings, this resulted in the Coastguard HQ mk.2 and the start of the Chilis restaurant based on instructions purchased from Brick City Depot. I then had the crazy notion of build brick build roads, with a 48×48 baseplate sized road cost close to £60, while don’t get me wrong it looked awesome, the cost, size was just not practical so last month I went back to the planning stage yet again. Since then I have finished Chllis, almost finished the changes to the Coastguard HQ mk.3 and started building the new look water front (marina). The water side this time was the starting point, I wanted the water level to be lower that the street level so I got some more MDF from my local DIY store that was 2 bricks high, this allowing me a lot more scope for detail when building the new water front. You can see the LDD concept work over on Brick Fanatics as well as detail articles. I will update with photos here as I progress
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    Leg Godt City - Update 24th Sep 2013

    It will be a 16 stud wide corner building but will reveal all when it's built ;-)
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    Leg Godt City - Update 24th Sep 2013

    Yep it is from them and you can get them from Firestar toys still Glue Thanks Also the beach will be back but on a larger scale and with better ideas such as two colours for wet and dry sand etc. This week ordering begins on my next building.
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    Leg Godt City - Update 24th Sep 2013

    don't worry I thought I was nuts too and it was very tedious putting them on but I think it looks better then a plain base plate. I always think it is the extra detail than can make MOCs look that little bit better.
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    Leg Godt City - Update 24th Sep 2013

    Yep I got them all via PaB it just adds to the overall look. Working on my next building currently and hoping to start ordering soon
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    Coastguard HQ Modular Building

    My last update for my City layout project was way back in July, however this is not due to me doing nothing but the exact opposite. I have spent the past few months building the Coastguard HQ building, I have not shown any progress as wanted to wait till it was complete until I revealed it. The building is based on the Fire Station Modular Building. To start with the building has the same colour scheme from the 2008 Coastguard City sub theme, this made the building very interesting when building it as not everything comes in orange. Also the building is built across two baseplates a blue 32×32 one and a road one that is used in most large City buildings like the recent police station. This meant a building challenge in getting the look right and also fitting it on to the base plates. I built the building first on LDD and I rebuilt it a few times until I was happy with it, the original plan was to have to buildings back to back and connect but I decided to build one large building. The building is double the depth of normal modulars but they will still sit next to the building at the road side leaving a 32×16 gap at the back. So if I extend outwards I can add more dockside behind the other buildings. For more details see here: http://brickfanatics...-coastguard-hq/
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    Coastguard HQ Modular Building

    Not thought about it and if i did would need major changes.