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  1. Grab Bags was a global thing in Brand Stores.
  2. There will be a Sheffield AFOL evening on the 26th October 2012. The small event is the first planned for AFOLs in Sheffield, Yorkshire and those further a field who want to attend. The event is a meet up at Meadowhall Sheffield, with a visit to the Sheffield Brand Store. After that there is a planned site down meal. The date which is best for the majority of people interested is the Friday 26th October. Those attending (must be confirmed via email in advance) will be meeting outside the Brand store between 7:00pm and 7:30pm. The table for the meal is booked for 8:30pm, the meal is planned at TGI Fridays as they offer a wide range of options and cater for everyone. For those attending a few small activities and treats are planned. If the event is a success there are plans to do more in future. If you are attending this event you need to email me at by the 12th October to book your place (and those who are coming with you). Please note this is an adult only event so you must be 18 and over to attend. More details will be posted on the events page on Brick Fanatics:
  3. Following on from the Beach Party set we now know of 2 more: Rock Band: Monsters: The Rock Band image is from a bricklink seller and the other is from eBay, full story here:
  4. Bricksan

    Next Modular Building?

    ^I Hope your right :-)
  5. Bricksan

    LDD 4.3.5 is out

    I posted about the new version on my site and got asked about an Ipad version. will there be one and if so when?
  6. Bricksan

    Pirate Featurette

    It's always good to here an new persons view of the site and I will go over your comments and look at ways of implementing them into the site.
  7. Bricksan

    Pirate Featurette

    Over the past 7 months I have been doing a massive featurette on the Pirates theme on my site Brick Fanatics. I have covered every year from 1989 till 2009. Each wave I did a post on the minifigures of each year and another one the sets released, I thought I would share with other Pirate fans my work, if you do notice anything I may have gotten wrong or missed out please let me know here are the parts and in brackets what is featured in that part: Part 1: (Introduction) Part 2: (Looks at the first wave of sets in 1989) Part 3: (Minifigs from 1989) Part 4: (Sets from 1989) Part 5: (Minifigs from 1991) Part 6: (Sets from 1991) Part 7: (We take a general look of the years of 92 and 93) Part 8: (Minifigs from 1992) Part 9: (Sets from 1992) Part 10: (Minifigs from 1993) Part 11: (Sets from 1993) Part 12: (A general look at 94 and 95) Part 13: (Minifigs from 1994) Part 14: (Sets from 1994) Part 15: (Minifigs from 1995) Part 16: (Sets from 1995) Part 17: (A general look at 96 and 97) Part 18: (Minifigs from 1996) Part 19: (Sets from 1996) Part 20: (Minifigs from 1997) Part 21: (Sets from 1997) Part 22: (A look at the Legend Series) Part 23: (A general look at 2009/10 and minifigs from the new sets) Part 24: (Sets from 2009/10) Part 25: (A look at other Pirate products and conclusion) Staff hope this is ok to post, if not let me know. Cheers
  8. Bricksan

    Pirate Featurette

    I build sites for a living and first time anyone has found it hard to navigate , all the featurette posts can be found under in order as well. I try to keep categories simple, so if it's shopping news it's under shopping. if its new products it's under new products. if its a featurette then it's under featurette on the drop down. However I am always open to suggestion........
  9. Bricksan

    Pirate Featurette

    Thanks, I am always willing to lend a helping hand if you guys ever require it
  10. I am in the UK and it's not something that really appeals to me. Would love a Red double decker bus as a City set though.
  11. Bricksan

    2013 City Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Here is some news for you the police officer is called Chase McCain this is the exclusive minifigure you can obtain by pre-ordering the new LEGO City Undercover game according to However in the UK no sites have the exclusive listed and here is a better image of Chase McCain
  12. Bricksan

    Funny/embarrassing moments

    Beat this one for embarrassing and painful and it happened this year. I was drilling some holes for a new desk and slipped with the drill and it ended up embeded into my never regions, then the paramedic happened to be a pretty female who had the task of cutting my jeans and boxer shorts away to see the extent of the damage. I ended with stitches and a very painful lower region for a while, it could have been worse they told me as the jeans slowed the drill piece down and reduced the damage done.
  13. Bricksan

    Occupation thread

    I build websites for a living and also help run my wifes business as well.
  14. Bricksan

    What's in a name ???

    I used to run a site called BricksandBooks and I wanted a LEGO friendly name so shortened it to Bricksan. I have in the past used RJH, Richazey, Parkstee and Rincewind to name but a few.
  15. Bricksan

    The User Picture Thread

    Here is my recent photo from the BUPA Sheffield 10k race I did, doing my next one in just over a weeks time:
  16. Bricksan

    Legends of Chima 2013

    It has and a LEGO Rep has already asked people not to post links to confidential images already in this topic.....
  17. I understand now, the way the comment above came across was the actually project was by someone fake.
  18. I was thinking the same given that the project is also listed on his own official site
  19. Bricksan

    Lego City Project - Update Oct 2012

    Thanks. The plan is to have an entire city scene from the sea into the mountains/forest. Since I too those photos, the sea has been redone as i mentioned but also expanded. I am currently building the second floor of the coastguardHQ. This weekend I have redecorate my office and tomorrow I am off to pick up some new wood to build the new area the City scene will be on as right now it's in parts in various rooms while the paint dries.
  20. Bricksan

    MOD: 5 Modded sets in giant pirate island hideout

    I love it, it feels so right. It reminds me of why I love the classic pirates line :)
  21. Bricksan

    Lego City Project - Update Oct 2012

    Thankyou, I have changed the water since I took the last round of photos and I hopefully will have the Coast Guard building done by the end of the month so I will have another round of images to share.
  22. Bricksan

    Should Friends have it's own Sub-Forum?

    I would prefer it to have it's own dedicated forum. One is it deserves it as the theme is here to stay and very popular and two it's annoying seeing old the Friends topics mixed with Town/City topics.
  23. There is a new store set hitting the shelves called 850449: CMF Beach Set. The set comes with 63 pieces and includes 3 CMF minifigures, the male surfer from series 2, the female surfer from series 4 and the hula dancer from series 3. The set will be prices at £9.99 in the UK and $15 in the US. Image from Jenni on Brickset forum. New story: Edit by Rufus: Thanks Dane for the Shop@Home Link.
  24. Bricksan

    Ninjago 2012

    For all you Ninjago fans I am running a Competition, all you have to do is build a comic book scene with Ninjago as the main theme and send in your entry the prizes are as follows: 1st place - A full set of Ninjago Comic books 1-4, A limited edition Ninjago Print signed by artist Jolyon Yates and a new Samurai Mech set and limited edition Ninjago polybag. 2nd place – A full set of Ninjago Comic books and a new Samurai Mech set. 3rd place – A full set of Ninjago Comic books and Kai’s Blade Cycle set. Details are here, anyone want to know more send me a pm or ask over on BF: Mods sorry if this is not allowed just wanted to let fans know of the competition as I have all these goodies to give away
  25. Bricksan

    CMF Monster Set & Rock Band Set

    These should be hitting brand stores in the UK in mid September