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    Leg Godt City - Update 24th Sep 2013

    I've not counted yet, will do once it's built :-)
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    Leg Godt City - Update 24th Sep 2013

    Ok update time, photos are not great due to a few things but here is the layout so far. Next up is to fill the 64 stud space between chilis and the Coast Guard HQ Big Update by 13inthirteen, on Flickr Big Update (11) by 13inthirteen, on Flickr Big Update (14) by 13inthirteen, on Flickr Big Update (15) by 13inthirteen, on Flickr Big Update (20) by 13inthirteen, on Flickr Big Update (21) by 13inthirteen, on Flickr Big Update (22) by 13inthirteen, on Flickr Details of what has changed and been done can be found here:
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    Coastguard HQ Modular Building

    Some can be found here: I aim to take some more soon
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    Cuusoo Issues

    This is a list of events what went down and is the best we will get without Cuusoo making an official statement. -Brick Queen posted two Jurassic Park entries on Cuusoo and she getting a lot of support for that -two other members also posted Jurassic Park entries on Cuusoo, with entries partially similar to those of Brick Queen -Brick Queen was very upset because of that and she and some of her followers started accusing those other two of plagiarism and stealing attention -in course of heated up action on the comments section Brick Queen opened several other accounts on Cuusoo and started using them for insults and and accusations -Cuusoo admins noted that and banned her account and removed all her Cuusoo entries -Brick Queen posted "crying" video and she and some of her followers started campaign over several AFOL sites to make her look the victim.
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    Hello from Yorkshire, UK

    Chris you are here at last, you forgot to mention you also happen to be the secretary of the Brickshire LUG and an editor over on the UK site Brick Fanatics. You will feel right at home here.
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    JAWS Movie Poster in 3D (MOC)

    Chris you have made it here, glad to see another Brick Fanatics staff member showcasing their talents on Eurobricks.
  7. For those interested Brick Fanatics are holding a worldwide CMF Postcard Diorama Contest with winner getting a full set of Series 11. Here is blub Rules here http://brickfanatics...iorama-contest/
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    MOC: Airport Control Tower

    That is really cool, so great techniques used.
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    Leg Godt City - Update 24th Sep 2013

    Firstly thanks for the feedback everyone to answer a few questions Glue ;-) Next to Chilis will be a 16x32 corner building then where the launch ramp is there will be a tile built road and then another 16x32 building connecting with my Coastguard HQ Mk.3 I am progressing through the stages in LDD but at moment neither building is designed. Will share when they are though.
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    Leg Godt City - Update 24th Sep 2013

    Thanks ok double update time as I have done both section 1 and 2 of the marina. You can read details about section 1 here --> And section 2 here --> Photos of section 1 this sites at back of Chilis and also back of a yet to be designed 16 stud wide building. Here is some photos of progress. It has been slow due to my new job working for LEGO (when you come home from work somedays last thing you want to do is pick up more LEGO) Overview of the first marina section, you can see all the detail including the arches and wood tiles Throwing the dirty water overboard, one of my fav pieces of this section Side view of the connection parts This is a birdseye view Photos of section 2 this includes rest of the long pier and boat launch ramp including a power boat being launched. Side overview View of the power boat going into the water view of the trailer submerged in the water view of the lights that light up the pier View of truck as well as the drunken tramp and his dog This is an birdseye view of the marina so far:
  11. Just ot back up the excellent and spot on Review I also reviewed it on Brick Fanatics
  12. Having read a few reviews (very bad ones) and just putting finishing touches to my own review for Brick Fanatics, i have to say your review is spot on and I agree with most of it and your use of the concept version will hopefully clear a things up as well.
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    Leg Godt City - Update 24th Sep 2013

    Update Time For the last year or so I have been planning, building, destroying and re-building my grand plan of having a large scale LEGO City layout called Leg Godt City (The names means play well in Danish). Originally starting life as a plan just to have sets in a layout, to then me becoming a fan of Modular buildings and me building the Coastguard HQ mk.1. I then when back to the drawing board and started planning on a city based on just modular buildings, this resulted in the Coastguard HQ mk.2 and the start of the Chilis restaurant based on instructions purchased from Brick City Depot. I then had the crazy notion of build brick build roads, with a 48×48 baseplate sized road cost close to £60, while don’t get me wrong it looked awesome, the cost, size was just not practical so last month I went back to the planning stage yet again. Since then I have finished Chllis, almost finished the changes to the Coastguard HQ mk.3 and started building the new look water front (marina). The water side this time was the starting point, I wanted the water level to be lower that the street level so I got some more MDF from my local DIY store that was 2 bricks high, this allowing me a lot more scope for detail when building the new water front. You can see the LDD concept work over on Brick Fanatics Progress So Far - Chilis The first section to be completed is the Chilis Restaurant this is based on instructions purchased from Brick City Depot, the models and instructions are fantastic. I loved his version of Chilis and went and purchased the instructions at the backend of 2012. However I only used the instructions as a starting point on LDD. While I kept changing mind with the overall layout, the idea for this building didn’t. The front stayed true to the instructions except some minor changes, the downstairs seating area has not changed, in the original design the kitchen was on the ground floor and there was two toilets, no upstairs and a middle section section that only served to make the building tall. The original design had brown walls down the sides and then light bluish gray at the back. Chilis by 13inthirteen, on Flickr After a few re-designs in LDD and in brick to fit with various marina sections the entire back of the building was redesigned. The sides became light bluish gray, I replaced one of the toliets for stairs, where the original kitchen was became part of the marina with flower boxes and a rubbish bin area, this allowed customers access to the restaurant via the marina. The building connects to the marina the same as modulars connect together. Chilis (1) by 13inthirteen, on Flickr The upstairs is where things really are unique as I mentioned there wasn’t a second floor, this meant the front stack needed changing to allow for a second floor. I decided to have the kitchen at the front allowing for a large area to make it look like a real kitchen then the back became an outdoor seating area, giving customers a view of the marina while eating. Chilis (3) by 13inthirteen, on Flickr Altogether the building cost around £200 as Dark Red elements are not cheap. I enjoyed building this model and the detail in it makes it one of my favourite buildings. I always find a building comes to life when you add the minor details and the minifigures. Chilis (4) by 13inthirteen, on Flickr Chilis (14) by 13inthirteen, on Flickr More photos can be seen here -->
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    [LDD MOC] Coast Guard - Swift Water Rescue

    Wow love it, any chance you would like to share the LXF file? This would go great with my Coastguard building
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    Leg Godt City - Update 24th Sep 2013

    So my last post above I mentioned Me building SNOT roads and it meant my project was back to the drawing board, well here is the first section of road, it is 48x48 and used just short of 600 parts but looks better than a basic road plate. Full write up here
  16. Bricksan

    Leg Godt City - Update 24th Sep 2013

    Since my last post The Chilis restaurant is 95% complete and I even started to place orders for the next building, however something for me was bugging my about my layout. The issue was the roads, I found the baseplate road layout too narrow and too restrictive for my ideas, I want to be able to build crossings and train or tram tracks into my city. I also disliked the Marina entrance as you had to go up to go back down to sea level I thought before I proceed to build any further I had to explore the idea of replacing the road baseplates with SNOT (Studs Not On Top) roads, I looked at other peoples ideas and opened LDD and started designing I started originally with a 32 baseplate idea but soon found that working on a 48×48 size allowed for much more detail, my starting pointing was the straight road outside the Chilis restaurant the pavements were designed 8 studes wide and the dark bluish paving tiles used in all modulars site on 8×8 plates on top of a brick frame that is one brick high. to connect the road to the plate and pavements I used the 1×4 bricks with studs on the side at both ends of the plate. The opposite side is the same without the 1×4 bricks with studs on the side as the road at that end had tiles to finish off the look. The actual road is built using 1 brick wide bricks on their side, for the yellow markings one side uses plates the other are titles for the white road markings I used white tiles. The middle design allows for various different markings based on UK road markings such as double white lines and single white lines. The paving was kept to the similar style to what is used in modular buildings, the new street lights used the old ligh gray colour but give a bigger height and a better, cleaner look that those found in City sets. The overall design uses 559 elements including the baseplates. The roads will connect using 1×4 technic brick and connector pins, each straight road can have one 32×32 and one 32×16 building or one 48×32 building or three 16×16 buildings. Depending on your design layout. I already have over 300 elements ready to build this road and will be getting the rest later this week. http://brickfanatics...ity-snot-roads/
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    Mansard Mansion (An LDD Modular Building MOC)

    Awesome, really awesome
  18. Bricksan

    Leg Godt City - Update 24th Sep 2013

    The marina will still be there as you can see the harbour is there still but I will no longer be using any CITY sets, I plan on having another building next to chillis and boats in the marina and then a new larger scale beach next to that. It is based on the FB just took it to the next level with double bay, double the depth and detail ;-)
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    Leg Godt City - Update 24th Sep 2013

    Cheers everyone. I will post photos of Chillis once it is complete and I am now working on the modifications to the Emporium.
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    Modular Building 10232 Palace Cinema

    Here is a time lapse build of it as well
  21. Bricksan

    [MOC] Modular Brickstreet and Orange Building

    wow cool thanks
  22. Bricksan

    [MOC] Modular Brickstreet and Orange Building

    I love your LDD 8 stud wide buildings, are you willing to share/sell the lxf file for these please as I need inspiration for 8 stud buildings
  23. Bricksan

    MOC: Modular "Bishop's Palace" in Debrecen

    Will you be sharing the LDD file as would love to build a brick version of this?
  24. Bricksan

    Brickvention 2013

    I am looking for someone to do a report for the event to put on Brick Fanatics, so if you went and would like to do it drop me a pm.
  25. Earlier today on the Ambassador forum Bjarke Schonwandt post an official statement as to the issue and how LEGO have dealt with the issue. So please read this: Dear All This is one of the more rare mistakes we have made. In the Unix-graphic system used by our part designers and mold makers it have turned out that we have two different pre defined shapes for the bow that can be used in an 1x6x2 arch element. One is the correct one having the right diameter and the other one is not :-( As you all might have guessed was the wrong file used during a mold re-order. The mistake was discovered and all production stop. All produced boxes still in the LEGO distribution center was stopped and re-worked. Some boxes unfortunately was distributed to the retailers and therefore not in the hands of LEGO any more and hence have landed in the hands of consumers. The mold have been repaired and the wrong elements have been scraped. I hope this answers your concern. BR Bjarke