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    POTC - Black Pearl!

    While I would like it if it had not got the name Black Pearl but the fact of the matter it has and thus I am a tad upset that they did not make a bigger deal with this ship, it is the iconic ship of the series and as such should have been the set to make everyone go wow, it should have also been an excuse for them to make the best lego ship yet......
  2. Bricksan

    Free Ninjago minifig in Nitro

    I bought a copy earlier from Morrisons and its a bumper packed issue: Right people update for you, as you know you get one of two figures but if you happen to be one of the 5 lucky ones who finds the Red Ninja Kai then you are a winner for their competition and which a load of wicked LEGO Ninjago gear including set 2260 and 2505. I ended up with Frakjaw, the piece came with 3 weapons, 5 cards and the lego pieces to set the display up to hold your cards, I was lucky enough to also get a spare piece as well, there are no instructions with it but you can use the instructions from set 2257 from the official LEGO site, Also there is a competition inside to win the LEGO technic Supercar. There is a feature on the LEGO Cars and a LEGO Cars poster so plenty to sink your teeth into. I will upload some images shortly to my blog
  3. Thanks but will have to say know I am looking for complete sets with the packaging as well, thanks for getting back to me though.
  4. A big thumbs up for RubeusHagrid excellent member and great transaction, many thanks.
  5. Bricksan

    Free Ninjago minifig in Nitro

    No probs, I did ask an admin before I posted it ;). Anyway if anyone wants an issue drop me a pm as going to get some today.
  6. Bricksan

    Free Ninjago minifig in Nitro

    I have said though if anyone is wanting me to get them a copy who does not live in the UK to drop me a pm. ;)
  7. Bricksan

    What was the last movie you watched?

    I stubbled across a right good deal at HMV the 1st three Pirates of the Caribbean movies for £10 GBP so I bought it and watched the first one last Saturday night.
  8. Bricksan

    search for the pirate

    I like this, what I do like are the solders and their white shoulder pads on the red uniform, it actually looks really good. Might have to do a whole troop like that.
  9. Bricksan

    Port Royal's Mouse-Hole

    I really like this Moc, it would be good to see an whole island port like this.
  10. A close friend of mine is a manager at Toys r Us and he has told me they go on sale on the 1st August, my local store are still seeling series 3 and 4 and will continue to do so till they have sold all their stock.
  11. I need all from series one and two. I have the following from Team GB Tennis Player weight Lifter I need for Team GB Equestrian Swimmer Relay runner Archer For Series One I need Zombie Skater Wrestler Nurse Ninja For Series Two I Need Mariachi Spartan Warrior Ringmaster Witch Vampire Explorer Pop Star Skier Disco Dude Karate Master Pharaoh
  12. Righty, do you still have the packaging for all of them plus insert and after the above have gotten what they want how much for the rest and happy to pay via paypal (I am verified)
  13. Bricksan

    Introduction Topic

    Hello staff and members of Eurobricks. I go by the username RJH, I'm a twentysomething from the UK. I have been a LEGO fan since I was given the Black Sea Barracuda for Christmas when I was 9. I pretty much had all the old Lego Pirates sets from 89-93 and then like everyone I grew up and real life got in the way, well speed forward 20 years and I have started to re-collect everything, been a lurker of this forum for over a year but never really had the time to join as if I join a forum I like to be active. Further more was also looking to connect with fellow adult lego fans who will enjoy reading my blog which combines both my passions in life LEGO and Discworld. Anyway that is why I joined and I like both Classic Pirates and the new Pirates of the Caribbean but really like any LEGO and just been drooling over the images of the Super Star Destroyer. Thanks for having me.
  14. Bricksan

    The Eurobricks Reviewers Academy

    Thanks very much, I am very excited now.
  15. Bricksan

    Forced perspective build

    That is really good, the scale is spot on and the ship looks like a mini version of the Black Seas Barracuda, nice job. How many pieces did you use in building it?
  16. Bricksan

    Introduction Topic

    Thanks both of you for the welcome, nope I am not him, although looking at his stuff I wish I was.
  17. Bricksan


    That is wicked, really really cool, how did you find inspiration for it and why the name Dirt?
  18. Bricksan

    The Eurobricks Reviewers Academy

    I would love to do this I have all my sets waiting to be reviewed for my blog so would like some expert advice on photography etc and feel this would be a fantastic way of learning so please can I put my name forward for it. Thanks
  19. Bricksan

    LEGO Exclusive 10221 - Super Star Destroyer

    Dr.Daves blog was an awesome read and I blogged his blog and this set yesterday, I have never built a large set before and think this one will be the first.
  20. Bricksan

    Gold in the mail today

    Just want to say thanks for those who brought up this topic, I got the dull gold and straight away wanted the shinny gold like the old set, anyway I contacted Customer Services who got in touch a few days later they apologized and were waiting on the gold to come from the factory all it all had to wait 3 weeks for my replacement gold and was well happy.
  21. Bricksan

    REVIEW: 6240 Kraken Attackin'

    I enjoyed reading that review, I have yet to get any of the newer sets as I am still hunting down the older ones but when I decided to get the newer models this will be high on my list.