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  1. Hey man.  Not sure if you saw but I bumped your thread on your UCS Slave 1 mods and was wondering how you did it.  If you visit your thread (

    ), you can see the pics and explanation of where I am stuck.  Anyway man, any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance!


  2. thebunk

    [MOC] MINIs from Star Wars Rebels

    Very cool. Would love to see some OT or PT models in this same style.
  3. Nothing is more woke then Ewoks.
  4. thebunk

    Post your general LEGO Star Wars questions here

    Thanks for the response and nice to see another Canadian here. I actually bumped an older thread (UCS Slave 1 mod thread) but it hasn’t gotten any responses so was wondering if I could post my question here IF it is a suitable place to do so and if more people may read this thread then the other one.
  5. I recently got Jabbas Sail Barge (75020) used off BrickLink and have to say I am underwhelmed as it is a lot smaller in person then I thought it would be. Think I will need to add it to my queue to mod (thinking of doubling the length and width each to make it a bit bigger).
  6. thebunk

    Post your general LEGO Star Wars questions here

    Hey folks. As you can see by my post count, I am pretty new here. Anyway I read the initial post and it seemed somewhat opened ended for asking questions but was wondering if this is the place or if there is another / better thread or forum to ask questions about modding existing sets? I am kind of stuck on a project and need some help. Thanks in advance!
  7. I personally see them (LEGO) issuing less ST sets as soon as they are contractually able to. They must know what sells well within each specific line for them. The good news is that the Mandalorian looks great and with a new season of Clone Wars coming early next year (not to mention Obiwan), they will hopefully have some other new interesting sets along with some new remakes of classic CW sets (I hope).
  8. thebunk

    UCS Slave 1 mods

    Giving this a bump as I am still stuck in trying to figure out how to secure the larger side part without the second piece so I can use that as an entrance or way to access the interior. Any thoughts?
  9. Yeah no way Disney will be releasing any further slave Leia merch, Hell, we won’t even ever get any more Padme on Geonosis with the torn top.
  10. Hey there folks. New member here and only started collecting earlier this year. Anyway just received 75020 Jabbas Sail Barge. Now to get a couple of skiffs and extra minifigs!
  11. thebunk

    UCS Slave 1 mods

    Hey all. New member here, and rather then make a new thread, I figured I would bump this one. I essentially want to make an interior on my UCS as well but would like to replicate what the OP did with the side panels to access the center hull. Those that have the ship know that the front sides (on the main piece jetting out) is made of two main pieces. The main piece (bigger of the two) is held in place by a technic ball joint piece to the body of the ship then secured by snapping on to the second smaller piece of the side which is secured with a technic pin based clip. What I want to do is secure the longer of the two side pieces on its own but due to the angles, I am having a heck of a time. If I can get some help figuring this out, the second smaller side piece can flip up to give access to the interior of the center of the ship. I have tried to get this to work for a few hours now it’s no luck so hoping someone here can help. Please see the pics for what I trying to do. Any help or ideas would be appreciated!