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  1. Hi everybody! I currently own a couple of Technic sets with old power functions and I will probably buy one or two more PF-sets. I really want to get into RC modding soon but am hesitant when it comes to buying an SBrick for the few PF-motors that I own. My general question is: Will Control+ make SBrick obsolete for most use cases? As far as I can tell, I have two possibilities: 1) Buy an SBrick and get a good amount of PF-motors. This should be the cheapest option since PF-motors, both original and counterfeit, are all over the place. 2) Buy the new Technic Control+ Hub and new Powered Up motors OR get 42099 and hope that Lego will soon introduce a generic mode for the Control+ app and possibly an adapter cable for the old PF-motors. I should also take into account that most instructions for RC-mods are made for classic PF. What do you think? - Will Control+ soon make SBrick and Buwizz obsolete? - Is it still worth investing into old PF plus SBrick or Buwizz?