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  1. German here. I have seen a couple of videos by that guy and I already liked his older videos. He seems serious about the hobby. Not the kind of guy that would exaggerate just to get clicks. Not only is he swiping on his screen he also gives a very thorough description of details including things he cannot see on the pictures. If this is fake then it's surely not him faking but the person who gave him photoshopped images. Otherwise this would be very good acting by him. He says that there are two independent sources one of which is the person who gave him the four images. The other person is just someone who said that it's going to be a 4x4 contrary to the first leaked picture.
  2. Wow! I'm seeing six "cars" in total. This is a clear hint to me that Technic keeps on sacrificing interesting mechanics for looks. There was a reason why they used to produce lots of machinery in the past: They do things other than just drive around. Technic is one of the top-selling series and I'm sure they have good economic reasons for going into that direction. But my interpretation is different: If Technic cars that look good really sell that well, they should finally consider reintroducing Model Team or Racers. The Technic team could then focus on a smaller number of mechanically interesting sets. That might be a win-win. I don't want the only interesting set in terms of functions being a small excavator for 39,- USD.
  3. Hi everybody! I currently own a couple of Technic sets with old power functions and I will probably buy one or two more PF-sets. I really want to get into RC modding soon but am hesitant when it comes to buying an SBrick for the few PF-motors that I own. My general question is: Will Control+ make SBrick obsolete for most use cases? As far as I can tell, I have two possibilities: 1) Buy an SBrick and get a good amount of PF-motors. This should be the cheapest option since PF-motors, both original and counterfeit, are all over the place. 2) Buy the new Technic Control+ Hub and new Powered Up motors OR get 42099 and hope that Lego will soon introduce a generic mode for the Control+ app and possibly an adapter cable for the old PF-motors. I should also take into account that most instructions for RC-mods are made for classic PF. What do you think? - Will Control+ soon make SBrick and Buwizz obsolete? - Is it still worth investing into old PF plus SBrick or Buwizz?