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  1. Thai bricks

    90th Anniversary of the Lego Group / Fan Vote

    If I had written in the text box then that would be sensible, even necessary. I guess their software is not sophisticated enough to auto-approve a tick only.
  2. Thai bricks

    90th Anniversary of the Lego Group / Fan Vote

    My tick is now awaiting approval... wth?
  3. Thai bricks

    My own railroad: ideas welcome

    I don't know the layout of your room, but my advice is to swap everything around: put the train around the outside and everything else in the middle. The space under it can be used for storage. If this is at all possible it will transform your railway.
  4. Thai bricks

    LEGO Trains 2021

    So, wide radius curves from an alternate brand are ok, but windows in a colour Lego decided not to make are not? That's confusing.
  5. About 10 pix here: There is also a good picture and tech drawing in the Wikipedia article.
  6. Thai bricks

    Lego Hobby Train Alternatives besides the main 30.

    I have found only 3: German E69 by Ben: Note: error in the instruction sequence. Leave out step 8 or you will take it apart again. GE Dash 8-40CW: Pennsylvania Railroad GG1: Again, a few sequence errors. Always look ahead a few steps and engage brain. :-) Regards, Peter.
  7. Thai bricks

    Are smaller flanges possible on larger radius tracks?

    I don't think "we" draw a line anywhere. Everybody has to decide for her/himself.
  8. Thai bricks

    Lego 10277 - Crocodile Locomotive

    I like it and I was all set to buy it, but Lego went out of their way to make it impossible for me to buy it. There is no Lego store or online presence here in Thailand. The online stores do not ship to freight forwarders. On Amazon it was double the price plus shipping. The UK store mentioned above ships to Singapore and Malaysia, but not Th. I was really happy when I found it on Walmart with only $15 shipping to Thailand. I put in all my details, address, CC no., etc. Clicked checkout - sorry, due to Covid we currently do not ship overseas. Ok, I get it, I'm not meant to buy it.
  9. Thai bricks

    7760-inspired PF Shunter

    I don't have a layout yet, so I can't tell. But the circuitry must make the actual battery cells smaller, no doubt. Then again, it's a shunter. Edit: there are two versions of these so-called 9V Li-Ion batteries: the simpler version gives the straight LiIon voltage of 7.4V. Then there is one with a voltage step-up circuit that converts it to 9V. This will give more power/speed, but there are 2 downsides: the circuit takes up more space and there are losses in the conversion process, meaning less capacity (runtime). It is always on, meaning they will slowly self-discharge, until the protection circuitry turns it off to avoid damage. I have the simple version and for a shunter there is plenty of power and speed. Pulling power is limited by wheel traction only.
  10. Thai bricks

    7760-inspired PF Shunter

    My battery gets charged via USB cable from a phone charger. I was only trying to make a bit of fun out of you. :-)
  11. Thai bricks

    7760-inspired PF Shunter

    For the battery connection I just bought a couple of cheap PF extension cables from Ali Express and cut them in half. Connect to a switch and the battery clip on the other side. On my Koef the battery is at the front, so it can stay in there for charging. I was wondering whether you were off picture, furiously rocking a switch back and forth! I like all the lighting work you have done.
  12. Thai bricks

    Lego 10277 - Crocodile Locomotive

    Since we are now talking about other crocs, here is the RHB "baby" croc on metre gauge:
  13. Thai bricks

    MOCs: Models of trains running in Hungary

    It looks great on those sweeping wide curves!
  14. Thai bricks

    Lego 10277 - Crocodile Locomotive

    If you look carefully you can see a few differences between the two green ones pictured above. Let's not forget that at least some of them have been modified during their life times. After being replaced on the Gotthard line some were modified into shunters and the lower green one is probably one of them. But I'm with Phil B here.
  15. Thai bricks

    [MOC] BR 42.90

    Thanks - I am impressed. Especially that a loco with 5 driving axles goes around sharp bends without any articulation. I can foresee only one problem: starting a straight uphill after a corner I wonder whether the leading blind driver will not hook into the straight rail. In the video the overhang is not visible.