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  1. Thai bricks

    Pictures of fire service bike and ATV, ideas for MOC?

    The forum s/w doesn't seem to want to take the links I paste. After some trial and error I have found that I cannot edit broken links. I deleted them, added the img tags back manually and pasted the "new" links. I can now see my pictures from another browser, without being logged into either the forum or Google. So, hopefully this will fix it for everybody. If not, here is the link to the shared folder:
  2. Thai bricks

    Pictures of fire service bike and ATV, ideas for MOC?

    Sorry, I have been doing this for years, but Google changed how this works and it's really obscure. The whole album is shared, but that's not enough. I will try to edit my post now to see whether I can fix this.
  3. If a toy company had produced a fire service bike I would have dismissed it as the usual overdone flights of fancy. Until last Sunday in Bangkok: (Apologies for the poor pic here. This is the 2nd attempt, but against the light...) I think this is a BMW F650 or 800 GS. Actually, it makes perfect sense: Bangkok has infamous traffic jams and Thailand has one of the worst death rates on the roads on the planet. So when in a collision a car catches fire this bike may mean the difference for the occupants between a stay in hospital or in the morgue. If anybody wants more details on these, my wife will be going there frequently over the next few weeks. Please ask. If this is posted in the wrong section - my apologies, I am new here. I'm posting this for the benefit of anyone who may want to create something a little different. Have fun, Peter.
  4. Thai bricks

    New members barred from tutorials?

    Hi @Peppermint_M, Yes, that link works. Like I said above, if you go to the only topic there at the end of the 1st post there is the link in question (in the sig). I have also come across that link in one or two of the other FAQ/noob topics. Thank you both.
  5. Thai bricks

    New members barred from tutorials?

    It's in user Pandora's signature (and others), right in the welcome post entitled "Welcome to Eurobricks New Member! Get Started Here!" This is the link: When I click this link I get: Sorry, there is a problem You do not have permission to view this content. Error code: 2F173/H Thanks for your time, Peter.
  6. I'm wondering, why am I as a new member denied access to the tutorials forum? I'm not just new to this forum, but also to Technic. A message to admins remains without reply... Regards, Peter.
  7. Thai bricks

    Best place to buy MOC trains?

    If you like German engines and rolling stock, have a range of them.
  8. Thai bricks

    [C-MODEL] C-Model Index Discussion

    The C model index page sent me here, but it looks like this topic has died? There are two C models for 42083, a wheel loader and a heavy fork lift.