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  1. Thai bricks

    LEGO Trans Europ Express VT 11.5.

    "Prototype" in modelling refers to the full-size original. It's a language trap. ;)
  2. Thai bricks

    E-Drive and PE-Drive

    So, el. motor => compressor => air motor => generator => el. motors. Then you need an auto-off switch on the compressor and a valve to regulate speed. Plus a pole reverser to change direction. Why so complicated? It will be noisy, very inefficient and hard to control. Why not control the el. motors on the axles directly? If this was a "live steam" engine, i.e. with working pistons and valve gear this would make sense, but I don't think you can build that from Lego. But it sure will be an interesting project, just for the hell of it.
  3. Thai bricks

    E-Drive and PE-Drive

    So, is your V20 an air motor or a compressor? If it is driving a generator, then it is not a compressor, it's an air motor, i.e. it turns air flow into rotary motion, which the gen turns into electricity. But what is the primary energy source? You are making my head spin... :)
  4. Thai bricks

    E-Drive and PE-Drive

    Sounds interesting and I look forward to read more about it. I don't understand the pneumatic part. Are you storing energy in compressed air bottles?
  5. Thai bricks

    MOC - KiwiRail DXC Locomotive (1:48 Scale)

    This transports me right back to my former home in the Far North. Thank you for showing this beautiful model.
  6. This is even more true for garden railways. I think the reason for L gauge is that the equipment is so bulky. It's relatively easy to fit a 9V train motor into a 2 axle shunter, but add receiver and battery box... I'm about to find out myself, as I intend to build a Koef II (German micro shunter) with PF. I bought some rechargeable 9V batteries for this.
  7. Thai bricks

    [MOC] Romanian Wagon (CFR)

    Agree with everything sed6 wrote. On the 'real' HO(?) model I can't see any buffers?
  8. Thai bricks

    TrixBrix for Lego 9volt switch

    As far as I can tell the switch motor only works with their switches, not Lego's. If you click through the pictures for the servo motor you will see that they remove a part from the switch and replace it with another, something you can't do with the Lego switches (AFAIK). But it's probably best to ask them.
  9. Thai bricks

    [MOC] One Ring Circus Train

    Very well done and I hope we get to see it in brick one day.
  10. Thai bricks

    Personal Announcement

    Hi Morgan, Sorry to hear about your problems. Do remember, it will get better! Regards, Peter.
  11. BB have just posted a video presenting their new German and US rolling stock. 2nd video with the engine shed will follow tomorrow.
  12. Thai bricks

    Misadventures in Tilt

    Since I know almost nothing about Mindstorm this may be a silly question to you: Can you not use MS also to control direction and speed? This should simplify programming, as the controller 'knows' about both.
  13. Thai bricks

    Misadventures in Tilt

    You have chosen a very interesting and challenging project. Several train companies in Germany have done this with real trains and they all had major problems. It brings back memories riding the 612 between Frankfurt Airport and my home town. It gave me a strange feeling watching through the windscreen the train approach a corner at 160 km/h. Have fun!