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    Star Wars
  1. Goengar

    The Penguin's Batman Minifigures. )

    You probably never heard of this one...Composite Superman! You'll have fun with this one. Link on Batman wiki: Composite Superman
  2. Goengar

    The General of Grief

    Impressive. Most impressive.
  3. If you think it will impress me, then go ahead.
  4. Hi. I am looking for a well made Episode 3 Clone Trooper based off the Batman character Two Face. This may be a weird request, but I love the idea. Basically, half should be black and half should be white. If you are a professional, I would love to see your design. NO SHARPIES! To trade I have a Spiderman minifigure, which is very generous. Ask what else I have, too. Oh, the helmet should be black & white also. If you want, you can make a custom face based off Two Face which may sweeten the deal . Otherwise, use a black head. Thank you
  5. Goengar

    Future Star Wars Sets

    I want to see a set when Obi-Wan is fighting the Acklay. Oh, and some Creator star wars sets. Example would be a TIE Fighter you can rebuild into a TIE Interceptor.
  6. Hurry up and get this! http://www.ebay.com/itm/LEGO-Star-Wars-Death-Star-10188-DeathStar-BRAND-NEW-/180746533221?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item2a15553965
  7. Goengar

    MEGA-MOC - Shopping Centre

  8. Goengar

    Your dream Lego theme

    http://aboutus.lego.com/en-US/PressRoom/CorporateNews/article/337942.aspx Third Paragraph
  9. Goengar

    Your dream Lego theme

    Well I mean a new one since that set is wayyyyyy overpriced. I saw an article on lego.com describing new figs and there was two face and others. But thanks anyway.
  10. ... somebody kill this
  11. Goengar

    Was this a Good Deal?

    Hello? Anyone? Anyone at all?
  12. Goengar

    REVIEW: 7041 Troll Battle Wheel

    The only tiny comment on the Wheel is that it isn't logical: if the Orcs run forward, the wheel will go backwards and not forward. That's why they run backwards.
  13. Goengar

    Looking for...

    Well... Ebay or craigslist. that's what I'd use.
  14. One of my friends isn't really interested in lego, so he sold me his 7037 Tower Raid for................$10! It was only missing a few common parts which I easily replaced. What a score! Especially nowadays. So what do you people think?