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  1. unless they release a new hub with new/integrated motor ? (still dreaming )
  2. Has someone been able to control the hub with a RaspberryPi?
  3. @Exe Sandbox thx for the reply. This was indeed wat I was looking for. Only thing was that the group-view was to small on my screen, and the red X was hidden .
  4. Does anybody know how to remove empty groups in LDD?
  5. This bus makes me think of the fortnite one . Maybe just the color.
  6. Someone did that ghostbuster-madmax one . Does anybody know who the builder is?
  7. @Didumos69 , not yet. I'm trying to build something a little bit presentable before starting a topic. It's the first contest I'll try to enter, and i'm a little bit intimidated by all the entries in the previous contests .
  8. Apparently i'm not the only one with the idee of building an alternate model of the 42099 for TC17 , but yours looks already much cooler than mine. Are you planning to use the bright orange panels for this build? I'm not sure this collor will fit the theme of the competition. For that i'm experimenting with custom stickers right now. btw: I would keep the wheel lift, looks damn cool .
  9. To bad none of the stores i went to, had a 42110 on the shelf.
  10. 10% reduction till 27/10 included. 20% reduction if you spend 150€ or more from 26/10 till 3/11. In theory two days overlap for both actions. You need a Xtra card for the 20% reduction.
  11. Thanks for the example. Never thought off this application.
  12. @Jockos Thanks for the reply. Do you know an official set where they are used face to face?
  13. Can somebody tell me if there is a functional difference between this two versions of the Z16 gear wheel? 4237267 654227