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    [MOC] Grand Hotel Kudelma

    Gorgeous, good job.
  2. Viper Knight

    Name change

    I was just starting to behave with my money when I joined EB. I partied all my life to the age of 23, where I began to work and treasure my self away from being a mock-avenger. I've gotten through the 10K{$} threshold only because I had to quest my virtue to get a debit card with my high school on it. Ready for college now, and well "Viper" Knight was a gambit. Please change just the first word of my name. Grom Knight will do best. With also having done the vorascious effort of making all my namesakes viper-this, viper-that, it's really amazing how studying heraldry can straighten out a man. Page, Squire, Knight, Poland became a kingdom that didnt panic-into-being-an-empire but held the faith of God. I too have begun a shield-of-arms to return to my noble country. So I saved my snake, my personal badge to just PvP games. Here it's best to not fathom primeval and instead knight.
  3. Viper Knight

    [REVIEW] 75300 Imperial TIE Fighter

    I like the TYEdye FIGHTER!
  4. Quite good. I particularly like the individual options for placements - they can even be tufts of grass. It does happen frequently on EB, but yours will be remembered first, since I've come to think about them.
  5. Viper Knight

    Heroica: Glory Amongst The Stars RPG - Game Development

    @Classic_Spaceman I just mean the theme. On Brickpedia I saw Heroica as a set and it doesn't say its creators.
  6. Viper Knight


    I've been settling on figures finally, I just need about 8 to go before I buy into building a Sky Battleship, create a TIE Interceptor to an Imperial Royal Guard TIE Interceptor, and some black knight sets to further my Halo megaconstrux piety. Recently I've seen the heroica sets. The characters have no arms, but my question is are these sets german?
  7. Viper Knight


    Thank you Grand Duke MAB.
  8. Good work. I've only gotten into Pohatu, and have an interest in his Phantoku. I've watched movies 1 & 2. So, is Bionicle Lego licensed?
  9. Viper Knight

    H20: Fantasy's Back on the Menu!

    I'm not interested in the game, thank you Grand Duke Lind Whisperer. And, thank you Duke samurai-turtle.
  10. Viper Knight

    H20: Fantasy's Back on the Menu!

    I wasnt able enough, sounds whatever though - my first troupe of figures is almost ready for a set. For alerting me, Grand Duke, you'll get an honorary mention on their introduction. Thanx!
  11. A Halo Elite Honor Guard, Rookie O.D.S.T. mega construx, starwars Imperial Royal Guard with normal red arms and hands, Plo Koon with orange lightsaber, Snowtrooper Commander, space Captain America and probably Scooby-Doo to the current custom Halo flametrooper, Recon, MARK IV, green\ultra\and Elite minor, Metamorpho(random pack), firefighter woman (random pack) and Bendermegaconstrux figure to go! Then it'll be time to make a dreadnought set.

  12. Viper Knight

    Heroica: Glory Amongst The Stars RPG - Game Development

    Is heroica made by germany?
  13. Viper Knight

    Polish war-train

    I'm curious has there ever been a Polish war-train LEGO plains of battle done? If so I'd like the link.
  14. Viper Knight

    [MOC] Carnotaurus

    Looks swift.
  15. Viper Knight

    [MOC] Amsterdam in the seventies

  16. Viper Knight

    [MOC] Monarch Butterfly

    It looks very nice.
  17. Viper Knight

    New 2007 Castle Theme!!

    Hehahaha, thanks. I have a lot of dexterity but do not implement them for others. I'm instead training in forestry to become a Ranger after playing with the world quite some more. Swordsmanship for example.
  18. Viper Knight

    Black Knight's Castle 6086 Revamp

    I love black knights! I'm honored to have seen my first citadel/keep. I know it's a castle but I've never heard of a black knights castle- I've been Role-Playing as one on RuneScape, and that takes direct action to not step on my own capes shadow. I'll go see right now. Only black knight I know of currently is of Poland, and I am of Poland. I do not like the specture though.
  19. Viper Knight

    New 2007 Castle Theme!!

    So that's the castle to understand. I suppose being a viperoid knight I slay both sides technically.
  20. Viper Knight

    [MOC] Sea Exploration Ship 2.0

    I like it. Good work.
  21. Viper Knight

    [MCTC: Salida Este] Seaside Fort

    Nice. You should expand it, give it cannons and the like. It could look like that one stronghold from Black Sails.
  22. Viper Knight

    [MOC] EFNS Integrity

    That lighting or stickers?
  23. Viper Knight

    [MOC] Air Carrier

    I'd like fighting on that ship!
  24. Viper Knight

    Pirates scenes from the LEGO House

    My gosh what an amazing display of effort, fun and charm! So this is where the macaws get to.... It's the cockatoos and hornbills that have me stay to knighthood. I just could not be turned into an eagle, leopard, or even shark. (although with practical reasonings thought of now it'd be Polish wolf, Sable, or Tree Viper - like Malabar, or Brown Spotted Tree Viper. Jolly good to have sharpened my sword some more. Marvelous. Malayan Pit Viper, voyaging; you buckaroos.)