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  1. Excellent work. Keep up the good snake job.
  2. Viper Knight

    Post Your Castle Army Here!

    1 Viper Knight. I suppose I could make more, and then make a castle.
  3. Viper Knight

    [Landspeeder][Cat A] MandalMotors DLX-9

    I'm liking the suaveness to it. Like the Weequay would call it "gangster".
  4. Viper Knight

    [Landspeeder][Cat A] XR-98

  5. Viper Knight

    [Landspeeder][Cat B] Repair Station 616 on Jakku

    I like it too.
  6. Viper Knight

    [WIP] [MOC] First Order AT-AT

    Looks like it can jump! What's the name of the one on the left? It's quite menacing. I'm joking.
  7. Viper Knight


    Magnificent kingdom! Awe-inspiring. Make's me want to do battle there!
  8. Viper Knight

    Heroica RPG 2.0

    Good to see good progress. If there is a test quest I'll have to not be a part of it, of course.
  9. Viper Knight

    [W-OKT] Barbaric longship !

    Well, that turned out nice.
  10. Viper Knight

    HMS Surprise

    Fantastic color. Well-done!
  11. Viper Knight

    [MOC] Windmill

    Impressive! You have me at a loss for words.
  12. Viper Knight

    LEGO Superhero Capes

    Ebay has fabrics already cut out. Some even in vigilante ordeals. I'd say felt from a pool-table.
  13. Viper Knight

    Heroica Theatre

    Thanks, Mr. Wigglepike.
  14. Viper Knight

    Hello Eurobricks! My name is Sebastian.

    Thanks @Faladrin.