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    Viper ninjago minifigure

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  1. Viper Knight

    [CATC] Paladins

    I just think it basic knowledge among most people that use skeletons.
  2. Viper Knight

    [MOC] Skirmish Near Toulouse

    Looks shabby. I like the pragmaticism of the roving land, and the projectiles, but it looks disdained to me. Like it rained earlier. Good experience, though, certainly I can feel the want to play.
  3. Viper Knight

    [CATC] Paladins

    They remind me of the quantom virtue of phase swords, but your skeletal figures obviously would be having a soulversion - so, seeing it green reminds me of the accuracy in that. Whereas red would be a personal choice by the Maker. I don't have a place where souls go, so pardon me if you expected something like "ethereal" or "nether", or even "spirit". Heaven seems plausible for the word being "soul."
  4. Viper Knight

    Hi! My name is Of Course Elsa, and I’ll tell you why :)

    That's my Dad's or my Mom's year, I'm a 92. Welcome, welcome.
  5. Viper Knight

    [CaTC] Galen's Row

    Those Ladies have magnificent hair!
  6. Viper Knight

    [CATC] Paladins

    Awesome ectoplasmic sword!
  7. Viper Knight

    New member Denmark

    Very intriguing. For me the closest lego store is 40 minutes away at the Woodfield Mall.
  8. Viper Knight

    Hi, I'm ToastBubbles!

    You've collected sole bricks of a specific variety in multitude of colors? That's rad! Tell me all of them, that's marvelous.
  9. Viper Knight

    Hi Lego Fans!

    Good going! Welcome, welcome.
  10. Viper Knight

    Long time lurker finally posting and introducing myself.

    Good, good, good. Welcome! I, too like forum practice.
  11. Viper Knight

    The Eurobricks Reviewers Academy

    Can a box be hithered? I'm buying a beaten, but fully intact box, but maybe not a side opener. The clean version happens to be a price I'm not comfortable with, but this other find happened to not be just a manual with the legos, so I'm wondering. Also, can I have small sets? Like something as simple as a 1 figure 3 piece set where it doesnt get bigger than like 6inches high, 3 inches wide for the main object.
  12. It is totally brutal out here, most become gray for blue. I am peach for brown. I am excelling in my running now, so I've made a bigger investment in pushups. Maybe someday I will rival the legendary bronze Polish Wolf. I see you're close to Knighthood on Eurobricks, I like that.
  13. Viper Knight

    Hi! I'm ScaredyCat

    You are welcome here, of course, ScaredyCat!
  14. Viper Knight

    Hello my (nick)name is fluub

    Interesting website, Gonkius. I have found a better origin for my motorcycle. AND WELCOME fluub! I hope all your pyros came from an infernal good time!
  15. Viper Knight

    Greetings fellow space travelers!

    Welcome, I hope you are having a good time!