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  1. Brick A Braque

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    I agree, and I do think the bookstore façade looks rather plain, not nearly as sophisticated as PR for example. And don't get me started on the color of the house on the right.. Personally, I think would have preferred something more in line with the american style buildings like DO and CG, maybe some cast iron period building.
  2. Brick A Braque

    [MOC] A french police station

    WOW, what an amazing attention to detail, and all the different rooms, incredible!!
  3. Brick A Braque

    TLG acquires Bricklink

    I can't see how it could be in TLG's interest to have people buy used items that were produced in the 1980's (apart from commission on the sales, which are peanuts). As for sellers breaking up sets and selling new parts, what would be the point if TLG could actually provide all of these parts in unlimited quantities. So I could see this going into a new PaB site, where in the end TLG is the only seller and everyone else is only a buyer. Prices might then be determined by looking at the platform that will hopefully have replaced Bricklink
  4. Brick A Braque

    [MOC] GWR "Hall-Class 4900" / Hogwarts Express - Bricks-on-Rails

    Very nice, I especially the front part which I am struggeling with myself on my 7-wide version. I'm actually finishing my MOD/MOC from the 75955 Hogwarts Express these days, hope to post some pictures soon as well. Also with PF L motor, but driving the standard Lego steam drivers. Richard
  5. Brick A Braque

    Cars for Trains! (6w to 8wide)

    HI, very nice cars indeed. Although I must say for myself I prefer to make compromises on realism (scale modelling) and work with what I think of as LEGO world paradigms (like not having two minifigs sit next to each other in cars or trains, they're just too wide). Of course, a lot of inspiration and formgiving comes from the human world, but in the end, it is another universe with different rules than out here. Not to say that I don't appreciate LEGO scale modelling and some of the amazing stuff out there (like your cars @Ron Dayes)
  6. Hi Sergio, Thank you for sharing this, I'm impressed how realistic it looks, although I second Holding the top level with just the sides and brackets is very nice, now you just have to order the ;) I also wish I won the lottery to finally have time and parts to build and build and build
  7. Brick A Braque

    MILS modules with track.

    Hi David, I would suggest using the standard Technic pin connection on the sides. Should be easy to separate, even with tracks. Also, tracks interlock, so you might not even need a pin connection on that side of your MILS module. Of course, you will still need to slide your modules apart to take them out, but on a 6x2 grid that should not be a big deal. Brick on, Richard
  8. Brick A Braque

    Hi Everyone

    I'm so excited to join this forum, have been reading on it for quite while an finally taken the step to register to hopefully participate in some discussions and share some of my MOCs. My main interests are Technic, Trains and all high detailed modelling and advanced building techniques (Creator Expert!!) Text to you soon, Richard