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  1. My new MOC consists of a couple of items to form a big earthmoving plant package. 1. 42078 c model, Renault AE Magnum tipper and dual axle plant trailer. Truck -HOG steering -tilt cab -opening doors -working E9 V8 Mack Diesel engine -tipper with lockable tailgate -hitch at the back to couple to a wide range of different trailers. Trailer -floating pin hitch -folding legs -droppable rear ramps via small actuators -bed toolbox to store wheel chocks, chains etc. 2. 42053 c model, backhoe -4 wheel steering -quick hitch on the loader -tilting hitch on the loader -outriggers -sliding back actor with pin locks to hold actor in place. -quick hitch bucket on back actor -swinging actor with locks to hold in place for transport purposes -lift and extend functions for back actor -pneumatic functions for back actor and front loader tilt hitch -manual functions for back actor bucket angle and front loader lifting and lowering. 3. Mini excavator made from my spare parts box. -lifting and lowering as well as extension of excavator boom -front blade -swinging of main frame -tilting bucket Altogether this creates an ideal construction and earthmoving plant package. Hope you all like it.
  2. Thanks guys, jorgeopesi, yes looks really compact and short in the pics but it’s defintely a lot longer in real life! Creating the cab wasn’t too hard Jundis, yes there are not many curved panels, but I think the fact that the magnum’s cab was relatively square made easy work of designing one up. I have only used the 1 small actuator as i could not fit a large one in as easily as I would have liked. The tailgate just folds out by hand 😂. Cheers, Kyle
  3. Hi everyone. Started working on a new project a few days ago. It is a twinsteer Renault Magnum fridge van with a taillift fitted. It is made out of pieces from the 42078 set. Now, I have a few bits and bobs left and was wanting to build a palletjack or some find of mini forklift to go in the back with a few pallets of goods, leftover tyres, hydraulic rams bit etc. Few odd goods for a fridge van eh 😂. Anyhow, I’m looking for expressions of interest as to what I should make to put in the fridge van itself. Many thanks, Kyle I will add a few photos of the rig below.
  4. Thank you. Yes, I am also a fellow reader of T&M :) .
  5. So, I ripped apart my previous Renault magnum also made from the bits out of the 42078 Mack truck set, and created this. A Leyland T45 Roadtrain. I have tried to make it one of my best c models yet, by trying to get a nice looking design, but still incorporate heaps of functions. The truck features: -a tilting cabin -opening doors -HOG steering -Working fake 6 cylinder Cummins motor -Working Mid-Lift axle -Same fifth wheel as Mack anthem, so trailers are interchangeable between the trucks. The trailer is a bulk tipper. I didn’t really base it off any trailers but more rather combined ideas from different trailers. I combined both the chassis from a side tipper and added a regular bulk tipper bed to that. The trailer features: -A tipping bed which is raised an lowered by a large actuator ram. -working stabiliser legs -suspended front axle (allows movement up and down so follows contours on undulating ground) -automatic locking tailgate (cannot be opened at anytime unless a force is acted upon it) -aligning rails on tipper bed to limit bed movement from side to side when fully lowered. Hope you guys like it 🙂. Cheers, Kyle
  6. Hi I have not been doing much LEGO lately (I have been fixing my tractor up), but the other day I built a hiab, to fit on my out dated Renault magnum single axle prime mover to make it a bit more “exciting”. I think the hiab looks alright and works really well, as it can lift my technic industrial generator with ease, (a real achievement as my last hiab failed and wouldn’t lift anything). It needs a trailer though so would like your opinion on what trailer would go well with it. I need to lengthen the trucks chassis as well, as the fifth wheel is way to close to the hiab and restricts turning for a trailer. There are some photos below. One is of it folded up, and the other one is of it fully extended out holding the industrial generator. Many thanks.
  7. Same here! I always think of trucks with generators on the back, as “ride trucks”. Funnily enough I did build a kmg “speed” ride from this exact set that folds up and works as it should. What a coincidence!
  8. Yeah sorry about the low res pictures ?
  9. Lately I have been designing on LEGO digital designer, some British rail locos from the 50s and 60s. I am stuck for ideas for what to do next, so I need your help on what I should design. I am in the middle of designing a class 52 at the moment so Any ideas for what to build next would be greatly appreciated. I was think maybe a Hymek? I will start posting these on the LDD gallery soon too. I have included photos of the models, they are in order here- class 55 deltic (br green), class 42 warship (green livery), class 37 (intercity livery). I have also included a photo of my class 52 which is in progress. Please note that I will fix the side window pillars as I think they look quite ugly ?, I will also make it higher as it looks weird low like that. I also have other designs like the hst (power car only),class 165 and class 377 (lead unit only).
  10. BIGRIG2005

    What should I do next? #British Rail Locos

    Ahh the Greeley w 1 4-6-4! This would definitely be a challenge, seeing I have only made diesel locos, DMUs, and one emu In the past. At first glance I thought OK this could be done easily in a small scale, but also may be good in a bigger scale. Anyway thanks for the suggestion. I will get onto this after my class 52!