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    LIBRARY: Sails

    Thanks for this! I had most of Black Seas Barracuda in a haul I bought a few years ago, and it has been just waiting in a box for my little one to get interested in it, which he finally did! Unfortunately we only had 1 of the 5 sails, but it was a fun project for us to use these scans to make them out of paper.
  2. Hi all. From what I can tell, giveaways are allowed on Eurobricks, but please let me know if not. Help make my Airship Station into an official Lego set and get a chance to win my custom Tracked Tomybot set (parts and instructions included)! Every participant will receive a digital copy of one of my custom Lego build instructions (your choice from these models → ). To enter: Support the Airship Station project on Lego ideas Share the project in your social media and tag me (facebook and instagram: hendrix.cj; twitter: cj_hendrix) Mention which build instruction you’d like. Giveaway ends on November 15th at midnight GMT and the winner will be announced on November 17th! Custom Lego Robot Giveaway by seejay, on Flickr
  3. by seejay, on Flickr This simple modification of the LEGO Empire State Building set (21046) represents something that almost, but not quite, happened. The spire on top of the Empire State Building had been planned as an airship mooring tower during the design and construction of the building. A few attempts were made by various airships to approach or moor during 1931. This model depicts the Goodyear Blimp Columbia which successfully delivered newspapers to the building in September 1931 (without mooring) by lowering them on a line. I've also recreated a historic photo from the attempt. The Columbia is shown in the correct scale for the Empire State Building set which is approximately 1:800 scale. The Columbia was 45m long and so should measure a little over 7 studs. This design is just under 7.5 studs. This MOC removes the communications mast at the top of the building (which was not present during the 1931 mooring attempts). Free building instructions are available.
  4. I'm glad you like them! I haven't made instructions for the Airship Station simply because the parts aren't available in the needed colors. In particular the large octagonal sections of the Airship hull are not available in white. Does that make a difference for you?
  5. seejay

    USS Enterprise NCC-1701-D

    The first time I ever built a MOC from someone else was JK Brickworks "Galaxy Class Explorer" (a.k.a. USS Enterprise NCC-1701-D) from Rebrickable. I always wanted to build my own take on that ship, and now I finally have. I focused on a sort of desktop display scale, chibi style, and trying to keep the proportions right. More images on Flickr Free instructions on Rebrickable
  6. I've looked around for an answer to this, but haven't found it. For a new set being released in the Lego online shop, what time (CEST) do they typically become available in the European shops (specifically in my case). I'm interested to hear of any direct experience of this, especially if it's recent, as I imagine this may change over time (or perhaps even vary a lot from release to release).
  7. Thanks @AmperZand. I was trying to figure out if I should stay up to midnight to order something that I thought might sell out. In the end I didn't, and when I was up at 5am the next day, it was still available. But I'm guessing, based on your experience, that stuff appears at midnight of the day it's launched.
  8. I posted some renders a few weeks ago, and now I have finished the physical build. I'm really happy with how it turned out. The hardest bits were getting the blasters to work and getting the shape right for the white canopy sticker; lots of trial and error to fit the curve. And I really had fun recreating the box: The model was built in LDCad, build instructions in LPub3d, and renders in Blender. I LDraw.
  9. seejay

    Milton Bradley's 1978 Star Bird

    Thanks for your comment, I'm glad to hear it evoked the original for you. That's what I was aiming for. It has definitely taken a favored spot on my shelf. If you're interested, the instructions, with printable stickers, are available here:
  10. seejay

    Milton Bradley's 1978 Star Bird

    Thanks! The source was toy that Milton Bradley produced in the late 70s and 80s, right in the middle of the Star Wars merchandizing madness. It wasn't associated with any movie or show, just a very fun toy all on its own.
  11. seejay

    Milton Bradley's 1978 Star Bird

    Thanks! I'm glad you like it. Pedantry is welcome here. :) Better reference photos of the escape pod cannon would be great. Most of the reference photos I found didn't have it (I guess it was a likely bit to get lost). The ones I did find were at a low angle, from the side of the cannon and it definitely looks twinned those.
  12. Instructions are available here: if you want to build your own!
  13. seejay

    Star Bird 1978 - Instructions Now Available

    Thanks! You're right, the interceptors slid off the rear section. That thing was packed full of play features, and the Command Base was really great too. I'm thinking about building a Lego version of the Command Base to go with it. Just a virtual build for that one (although I often say that at the beginning of a project and before I know what happened, I'm checking the mail for Bricklink delilveries like a kid waiting on her decoder ring from cereal box tops).
  14. seejay

    Custom Sticker Sizes

    Ha! Try those google searches now. "Lego dimensions" has come to mean something very different. :)
  15. Trying my first go at decaling soon. I had a look through the indexes (some very helpful info there), but I wasn't able to find info on sources of decal supplies in Europe. Any pointers would be appreciated. Here's the project, if you're interested:
  16. @MAB Thanks. Glad it will be easy.
  17. seejay

    Review: modular marble run

    Just popping in here to say that I did build something based on the instructions I got from Polegon, the kiddo and I are having a lot of fun with it.
  18. I adapted the work of two others: the marble elevator from JK Brickworks ( and the Modular Marble Run by Jan Zenzen (link below). The modules stack together without stud connections, so it's easy to experiment with building different runs. Video of it in action:
  19. Half spider, half firefly, the Insectoids Arachnoid Star Base (set 6977 from 1998) has to be one of the weirdest sets Lego ever produced. I found most of it in a bin of used Lego I bought. Although the original design is awkward, there are some nice printed parts and it has a goofy sort of charm, so I decided to modernize it. I've added suspension to the wheels, made the magnet arms retractable and more posable on ball joints, and moved the hover bike and storage compartments to the sides where they won't be blocked by the "firefly" part of the vehicle when it is docked.
  20. seejay

    DB BR 50 with Kabinentender

    This is flawless. I was really captivated by the details.
  21. seejay

    Insectoids: the Next Generation

    Hopefully these will answer your questions. I did them pretty quickly. Sorry for the dust.
  22. seejay

    Insectoids: the Next Generation

    Thanks for you compliments and interest! I'll get some more photos of those details in the coming days and share them.
  23. seejay

    Insectoids: the Next Generation

    Thanks for that critique! I'm not totally sold on them either. The original didn't have much movement; they could only swing together in the horizontal plane. I wanted to improve on that aspect, but I'm not quite happy with them. Thanks everyone for your kind comments. I'm glad you like it. I do think it was a cool theme with a non-violent backstory and play. And how often has any kind of sci-fi been brave enough to have no humans involved?
  24. seejay

    [MOC] Classic Space Transport Shuttle

    I like the shaping around the cockpit and the intentional gaps you left between some of the curves and the tiles on top. Just the right greebliness, in my opinion. The folding landing gear looks like it will work great. Maybe you have enough space there to add some skids or pads to the gear? Here is a quick one-up-one-down shot of folding gear on a viper I built. These are based on hinge bricks and the skids are a bit fidly; so not exactly the solution for your excellent shuttle, but some kind of skid/foot that folds into the 1 stud wide layer on the bottom would add a lot, I think. Great work!