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  1. An addition to Rainbow Bear's pastel arsenal. I really enjoyed building a mech to help Rainbow Bear in the never ending battle against evil and grumpiness, so I decided he probably needs some other vehicles too. I've been thinking of different uses for the Lego gel pens as well as the motorcycle sport fairing (18895) and this just all sort of came together in my head. I'm especially pleased with the connections made to the motorcycle fairing. Definitely illegal, but sturdy. The result has been thoroughly swoosh-tested by my little one. Glittering Viper - Rainbow Bear's Starfighter See more on Flickr
  2. seejay

    6ft Rapunzel Tower from the Movie Tangled (MOC

    This is really outstanding. The textures are rich and every square centimeter is just bursting with detail and color. Even just the section with the tree and riverside alone would be an amazing build on it's own, but the whole thing together is a masterpiece!
  3. seejay

    Heart Melter Mk 2

    After building version one of this mech a couple of months ago, I realized that I needed stronger joints. It would hold a pose, but just felt to fiddly and prone to flopping over at the hips. This new version feels much sturdier, and I've made instructions for it and shared them on Rebrickable. See more on flickr
  4. seejay

    Heart Melter Mk 2

    Thanks! Cuddly and greebly is a good description of what I was going for. I'm working on additional vehicles in Rainbow Bear's arsenal. Congrats on Sonic Mania!
  5. seejay

    Lego Retro Arcade MOC

    I commented on Lego Ideas before, but I'll say it here too: that gumball machinne is _perfect_. Something about the 1x1 cheese wedge perfectly evokes the heavy metal door those things have.
  6. seejay

    Classic Space Evolution

    Yep, made me smile. Thanks!
  7. seejay

    2020 was the year Rainbow Bear had enough

    Thanks! I've been having a lot of fun playing around in 3d animation tools. I did a bunch of stuff with Blender to create the animations for the airship station project (link in my signature below), and now am applying it to other projects. It's really fun to see these things come to life.
  8. Heartmelter Mark I by CJ Hendrix, on Flickr See more on flickr Build in real bricks and instructions coming soon.
  9. seejay

    2020 was the year Rainbow Bear had enough

    Thanks everyone! You're comments made my day. I don't think of it as vengeance so much as making the world a better place through superior love-based firepower.
  10. seejay

    2020 was the year Rainbow Bear had enough

    Thanks! I was intentionally going for a sort of chunky and strong vibe, like a bear.
  11. Thanks for your feedback! When you say the facade, do you mean the back of the elevator tower? It's true that it's quite simple. I didn't have enough space to give it more depth (and it needs to not extend beyond the baseplate in order to adjoin other modulars), but I'm sure I could find a way to do something there. In fact, in the process of building a test version, I have changed part of the structure under the platform, making it more ornate. I'll update the renders with that eventually. Either way, I'm sure you're right that Lego will change it significantly, and for the better. That's assuming I get to 10,000 votes. Right now it's slow going. Any help sharing the link around would be appreciated.
  12. Animations, more images, and description are on Lego Ideas. Please support and share! Airship Station Modular Building by CJ Hendrix, on Flickr
  13. I like having a white border around callout pointers, but so far the only way I've found to set the pointer attributes is to add the modifiers to each occurrence: 0 !LPUB CALLOUT POINTER_ATTRIBUTE BORDER 1 #f3f3f3 0.015625 1 I tried a few different things like using the GLOBAL keyword in a few spots: 0 !LPUB CALLOUT POINTER_ATTRIBUTE GLOBAL BORDER 1 #ffffff 0.016 --- or --- 0 !LPUB CALLOUT POINTER_ATTRIBUTE BORDER 1 #ffffff 0.016 0 GLOBAL --- or --- 0 !LPUB CALLOUT POINTER_ATTRIBUTE BORDER GLOBAL 1 #ffffff 0.016 These result in a parsing error, "expected ID > 0 and got 0". I also tried having no pointer ID (last value in the line): 0 !LPUB CALLOUT POINTER_ATTRIBUTE BORDER 1 #ffffff 0.016 which doesn't cause an error, but doesn't seem to have any effect. Does anyone know if this is possible in LPub3D? Thanks!
  14. seejay

    [MOC] Santa's Cabin

    This is excellent! The colors and shaping are really pleasing. I especially like the thick snow on the roof.
  15. I animated the digital model of the Christmas Train I built to go around the tree this year. Instructions are available on Rebrickable (with a video showing the real bricks in action).
  16. I'll share some photos when I get it set up around the tree!
  17. Thanks! That's the second animation project I've done, learning Blender from scratch. The other one is on LEGO Ideas. The learning curve in Blender is tough, I have to say, but there are many tutorials available.
  18. seejay

    [MOC] Egger Bahn narrow gauge steam railmotor

    Really nice compact model. The articulation looks . . . satisfying.
  19. Our modular town's old gasometer has been repurposed into a modern airship station and park. More animations and images on LEGO Ideas I've been working away on this one for months and months a little at a time, and I learned to animate it in Blender, which probably took longer than designing the model itself. All good fun and a nice distraction from 2020. More animations and images in the works . . .
  20. seejay

    [MOC] Modular Airship Station now on LEGO Ideas

    The project was picked up by LEGO Ideas as a "Top 5 with under 100 Supporters", which helped boost it well past the 100 supporters for the first milestone, but 10K seems far away . . . If you haven't supported please consider it! Most awesomely, I can see from the stats on the link that Eurobricks is the most frequent source of traffic, beating out twitter, facebook, and youtube. Thank you!
  21. seejay

    [MOC] Modular Airship Station now on LEGO Ideas

    Thanks everyone for your support! @cjtonic, I really appreciate your comment. That retro vibe was hard to maintain while designing something that would actually hold together in real bricks. I'm working on the physical build now (albeit in much more festive colors) and so far it feels very sturdy!
  22. I've been using LDCad for several months after switching from Studio, and I love it! So much power there. Thanks @roland! I'm trying to find a way to save an assembly of parts, for example all of the components of a minifig torso or a chain curving just the right way, as a .dat file so I can use it as a single part. I've played around with detaching content and renaming an LDR as .dat (the syntax looks very similar), but I haven't quite got it working. Before diving into the deep end of the pool with LDPE, I'm wondering if there's some trick to doing this in LDCad. Thanks, cj
  23. I did a reinstall and reorganization of the library recently and ended up with that nested structure based on my (probably flawed) reading on different forums. It seemed counter-intuitive at the time, so I'm happy to have it on good authority that I can fix that. Thanks Roland.
  24. That did it! Thanks very much. That will be a useful technique for me going forward. For the chain example, I found that I also had to copy the constituent parts (the official chain link and chain end parts) into the unofficial parts folder as well, which surprised me. From my other reading on the topic, I thought LDCad would find the needed (sub) parts if they were in any library folder. Maybe I'm still doing something a bit wrong? Here's the folder structure I have: LDraw Parts chain end chain link Unofficial Custom Parts my new custom chain part chain end chain link But the main thing is that it's working as I need it to. Thanks again for your help.