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  1. jirin

    [MOC] ČD 242 class WIP

    Hello, this is my first serious attempt to make a real life thing. The real electric engine is a AC locomotive built between 1975 - 1981. These engines are obsolete and are retiring from their active service with regional trains. 242 class is a member of locomotives of the so called first generation from Škoda company, sharing the nearly unified body with other classes. Very similar engines were delivered for Bulgarian railways. I quite like the appearance, its not beautiful in any means, but it is interesting and very challenging to be built in lego. It is still in WIP and not finished.
  2. jirin

    [MOC] Vintage passenger car

    Thank you very much :) I moved the vent stack from the centre, now it looks more appropriate. I made two versions, what do you think?
  3. Hello, this is my first really serious attempt to build a train car. Also my first time working with studio. It is a simple fictional vintage passenger car with removable roof and simple interior.