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  1. 17 hours ago, mauriziothelegofreak said:

    I want to have the MOC!!!!!! Where can I find it or is it available for anyone? Please answer... I want to have it!!!!

    Surely there are enough pictures available for you to build your own based on what you can see and questions you can ask.

    This moc is exactly why this forum is great, a few months ago the Rolls was just an ok model, now, following the fresh eyes and comments and help it is now magnificent!

  2. I quite like the slightly cluttered look as I find the actual cars a bit cluttered too.

    also I think it’s nice to see someone’s thought processes in a model and I get that with this one.

    regarding the strength; given that it’s a toy and not an actual rally car it should be ok ;)

  3. Whenever I dabble with this sort of thing I either make it so that the top suspension mount is on a piece that can rock into one of two positions and come up against a stop so there is no load on the actual mechanism, or I’ve used a 24? Tooth cog (the one with the four pin holes in) and mounted the top of the shock in the pin holes and then driven the cogs with a worm.

  4. On 10/28/2019 at 2:32 PM, MangaNOID said:


    also just working on the steering

    pretty close to 2.7 turns lock to lock but not spot on. It will do. The steering wheel is also not quite the right angle to the driver...always focusing on the negatives...:blush:

    And if angled gears are OK for @Zerobricks then they are OK for me :thumbup: This was really the only way to lower the turn output and keep it all tight and tucked up under the dash out of view. works a treat just needs proper construction around it of course.

    tan 20 gear is where the output to the rack is.



    I’ve had a similar issue of late but have a solution that might work well for you in that the angle of the wheel is completely adjustable and it fits within the parameters of what you’re building. I’ll upload a pic tonight after work.