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  1. Coolusername

    My T17 in Honor of Ingmar Spijkhoven

    Well i have the Volvo wheelloader and dump truck, the all terrain crane, the 2013 big crane, the MB Arocs and a custom build truck i made a decade ago (looks weird and engine and interior is still missing, but it's got chrome parts and an Ingmar fifth wheel).
  2. Coolusername

    My T17 in Honor of Ingmar Spijkhoven

    Anyway, i ordered the yellow Granite and a blue RGN trailer both without RC. I have some RC stuff at home, and the things i don't have i might order from BlueBrixx Expensive Month...
  3. Coolusername

    My T17 in Honor of Ingmar Spijkhoven

    There are 3 options for the granite full kit full kit with rc full kit without rc Full kit and full kit with rc must be the same, they also cost the same...
  4. Coolusername

    My T17 in Honor of Ingmar Spijkhoven

    I mean i could purchase all the parts in one go, either from the kit site or bricklink, doesn't matter. But sometimes you don't want to afford things you could actually afford easily... And impatient is my second name LOL :D @ritztoysOn the website the mack granite is available in yellow and orange. The orange one is available with RC or without, but the yellow one just says full kit or without. Is full kit and full kit with RC the same? Has the same price as well... Also, are the rear axles driven independently by two drive trains? And if so, is this only with the Granite, or also with the Vision?
  5. Coolusername

    My T17 in Honor of Ingmar Spijkhoven

    I think i go the lazy way and buy the whole thing. How long would shipping take from NL to GER, maybe you know? My part collection isn't thaaat big nor really usefull, though.
  6. Coolusername

    My T17 in Honor of Ingmar Spijkhoven

    @ritztoysDid you buy a full kit yourself? Iam sure they are worth it, since they are basically a small series from a talented builder which gone too early, with all the expense behind it (getting the parts, old PF stuff, chrome stuff, printing the box and instructions etc...) But it's still a lot of money... Getting only the instructions would be an option, but i don't even have half the parts needed i guess, and getting them will still be like 400 bucks and takes a long time. Then there is the chrome. Seems really expensive to me (optional, i know). I bought custom chromed pieces from a german BL store called ChromeBricks (now Brick24) about 10 years ago, but i don't have much of those and they don't make them anymore. I think the people behind the current Ingmar site get them from I wonder if they will still sell these kits in the future. They have a limited run i guess, and nobody is designing new trucks anymore... I might get the cheapest, the Mack Granite
  7. Coolusername

    42128 - Heavy-Duty Tow Truck

    Thanks man! iam already messing around with dually wheels.
  8. Coolusername

    My T17 in Honor of Ingmar Spijkhoven

    Iam thinking of buying a full kit truck on his site, but thats actually really expensive....
  9. Coolusername

    LEGO IDEAS - Thomas the Tank Engine

    Supported!! This could be the next set in the "train line" which started with the swiss croco.
  10. Are there instructions for that thing. Haven't found anything...
  11. Wow, it got absolutely destroyed be the others.
  12. Always wanted steering in the Caterham Ideas set, so yesterday i did it. It if fully connected to the steering wheel. Fenders do steer as well, but they sit a bit high at the moment Wheels are temporary and will be replaced with the new 49.5x14 soon. Also the dashboard, nose and trunk lid are now more securely attached. Video -> ->
  13. Coolusername

    42126 - Ford F150 Raptor

    @Sarielwasn't there a review planned for 42126 and you wrote somewhere after the 7th july, since lego hasn't shipped it yet? Unless "after 7th july" means october or something...
  14. Coolusername

    42126 - Ford F150 Raptor

    I guess they choose orange , since it stands more out and is a new color for the real thing, called code orange. Dark blue wouldn't fit. Its't too dark and the real ones closest color would be antimatter blue, which is metallic and more deeper... And you can't please anyone! Also most people say its better just because it's new(er) than the orange one we have seen weeks ago, and they don't take a second look on whats going on really.