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  1. Coolusername

    42113 Osprey V-22 [VIDEO REVIEW]

    Min 5:30: thats not LBG mate
  2. Coolusername

    Problems with gears in the Crocodile 10277

    Yeah, but the croc has 3 gears doesn't it so motor turns in the same direction as the wheels.
  3. Alright, one last picture. Hope to see more people do this, maybe in a different color if they want.
  4. Added a clear coat, now they are done My painting skills are not the best as you can see in the close up picture, but from distance it looks awesome :D
  5. Coolusername

    Problems with gears in the Crocodile 10277

    Is it possible to use 2 grey gears (the "medium" ones which are rougly 2 studs in diameter and have 4 bar sized holes, forgot how much tooth they have) with a chain in this case?
  6. Lighting! Have not touched those tiles!
  7. The black spraypaint can be found anywhere, the silver is Revell color in a tiny 14ml can. I applied the silver with a toothpick onto the wheel.
  8. Its not white, its silver. In real this area would be shiny as a CD due to the diamond cut process, but that shininess can not be done in lego, so i used silver paint.
  9. Step 2, added Revell color. Last step might be a clear coat and then it's done Looks way better than the gold
  10. I think its tan or maybe light bluish grey... When i got the set i scratched off a little bit between the 3 pins on the inside, but it was "dark" in there and didn't look twice really. I kept the gold when painting. But removing the gold won't be worth the hassle with all those spokes and tiny holes in between. And nobody wants tan wheels anyway 😂
  11. Painting wheels step 1. Used a standard glossy black spray paint. Some people might not like this and want it to be all original and thats fine, but the original gold was also painted and is not really strong, you can scratch the gold off with your finger nails. Next step will be metallic silver Revell color "pinstripes" to get the two tone diamond cut finished look.
  12. Coolusername

    Technic 2020 Set Discussion

    A Lego Ford Bronco would absolutely fly off the shelves
  13. Coolusername

    [REVIEW] 42113 - Bell Boeing V-22 Osprey

    These sets must grow on trees in NZ
  14. Coolusername

    42113 Bell Boeing V-22 Osprey

    Hmm, what if someone makes a "moc" (since we have the instruction) but with different colored parts and no stickers. Technically it's not the official set then? Or is it?