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  1. Can you connect two of these battery boxes with two remote controls for one moc with eight functions? That would be a great and affordable alternative to sbrick or buwizz.
  2. They use a string, see page 122 following in v1.1.7. Extension works in my version quite well, retraction doesn't without help. Detailled photos you can find here:
  3. Nice work. Is it possible to implement this gearbox into the pimped Lamborhini?
  4. Great review, thanks a lot. In he section "parts in new colors" you forgot to mention the panel 3x7 and the small panels #21 & #22, all three in yellow. Two of the panels 3x7 you can use for improving the look of 42030.
  5. myvideo000

    BuWizz + Lamborghini

    That's possible. I habe built the Tesla because I like the shape, but without the electronics. At least 360€ only for that is way to expensive ...
  6. myvideo000

    BuWizz + Lamborghini

    To be honest: The Lamborghini is not built to be fast. In this video you see a MOC of a Tesla with problably a similar or only slightly less weight. It is powered with two BuWizz and eight (!) L-Motors (and of course a Servo Motor for steering). Is that "fast" in your eyes?
  7. myvideo000


    Less weight I accept as an argument. Thank you for the credits in the picture. You forgot to remove the two blue pins in steps 1-3. But I think that everybody can see what you mean.
  8. myvideo000


    @Flybum and others: While building and improving the excavator, the carrier often fell of since it was only held by pins (step 381 main body). That's why I changed with a little mod. You only have to replace the red 3L liftarm and the two blue 3L pins with these parts (steps 434-437 main body). The blue pins below fit in the three 3L pins with axle connector (step 377 and 378 main body) (Of course you have to press the parts together.) EDIT: You can replace the (in the picture) white 2L pin with a 3L pin for more stability. Update: Another small mod idea that I had just now: Caps to top of the holes für the Control plus hubs in the external body. Depending on how you built, you have to rearrange the pins and the liftarms from step 172 on. In the axle hole I put a Technic axle tow ball (, only I forgot it in the picture. Sorry for that. You can even push a little bit in the caps without activating the hubs by accident, so you don't have any additional battery problems.
  9. myvideo000


    Nice. Hint for you and also @Flybum Replace the 11L beam in the main arm with two 5x3 L-beams. The long beam doesn't like Flybums improvement of the main body (see main body, step 291, and main arm, step 133). With two 2L pins in the L-motor you get the same stability and the bucket arm can reach maximum height.
  10. myvideo000

    Chiron gearbox problems

    you can order light blueish grey gears instead of the current ones in tan and black.
  11. Why? I would build the official version version version, order the required parts and then the pimped one. This way you can appreciate the mods much more and you have more to build.
  12. I decided to dismantle my heavily modded 42009 (mostly the ideas of jb70 and some of my own) and replace it by the Grove GMK. Since I want to use the new large actuators and no suspension, I have some questions: 1) Is it possible to use the superstructure from v1.1.7 and the carrier from v1.2? 2) Accoding to rebrickable I need at least 500cm string, but there are two different strings, a very long one for the hook (probably page 87 or 129 of v1.2) and a shorter one to connect sections 1 and 3 of the boom (page 116 of v1.2). Which kind of string is usefull? How long must and how thick may the two strings be? 3) To begin with, I will use the old IR control. Has anybody built the Grove with two buwizz? I am quite sure they would fit and would improve the look espeacially on the carrier. Thanks for the answers :-).
  13. myvideo000


    Nice. Which colour scheme do you use? I chose the Liebherr style und made some modifications. In the mean time I replaced the wrong coloured parts. The huge size you can compare best with its smaller brother 8043.
  14. I built the original and the Efferman-mod of the Liebherr. Efferman really did a great job, the result is much better than the original. I especially like the "buttons" to switch on the hubs which also should work with the original shovel.