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  1. I found it enjoyable and good. (Didnt have bugatti). Cant say that bouild is hard (first time build it while being very drunk, and was build in morrored state to have it in RHD), just follow instruction carefully, thats all.
  2. Here picture of reference bike. I didnt trying to build exact replica, just something with similair streamlined shapes.
  3. After playing hundreds of hours in Cyberpunk 2077, i decided to try my awful skills in building motorbike, or more exactly build something in style of Yaiba Kusanagi. Current very early and very rough draft, to capture overall shape and size With more or less working front fork with weird geometry, which barely allow any steering And rear suspension arm with equally weird placement of drivetrain Planning to squeeze in fake engine, and unsyncronised gearbox (like in early autochassis), just to build somthing different then regular clutch gearbox... Not sure, if i manage to finish it properly, or make bike without color vomit panels, but definitely it will be great experience.
  4. I tried double arm design - it tends to struck more agaisnt connector #4 on the roof, than one armed one.
  5. Arioh

    42122 Jeep Wrangler

    And no words about tiny "saver"-style spare wheel I already tried original big headlights too. its looks equally good for me as small ones. And i guess i found why headlights so pushed out on official model (aside of impossibility to recreate proper look of modern ones...) - Nod to early Jeep CJ
  6. Arioh

    42122 Jeep Wrangler

    Just built it from my spare parts (sorry for color vomit style...) And despite it being very simple model, its rather enjoyable to play with. After some testing, i found that grey soft shock absorbers fits model much better than hard ones. Also, managed to modify winch, to give it very simple ratchet to prevent unwinding under stress.
  7. Arioh

    42122 Jeep Wrangler

    Mine .lxf version for those, who still prefer old good LDD, with custom solutiuons for missing new parts.
  8. It is Look closely at it on this photo
  9. B-model is really unexpected one...
  10. Rebuilded. I ddint have 1L worm gear, so put old 2L worm gear mesehed with 24z gear. It has just two functions, as been noted before - raising/lowering bucket, and tipping it. Overall - its nice and very strudy model, with decent gear count (5) for its size. Still nothing could beat 42102 in terms of mini-set awesomeness for me.
  11. It maybe odd, but it perfectly working. Using Jurss's mockup, i finished it. Also some color fixes included. And for 6L beam under the seat, my guess that it could have 2L beam to limit bucket arm lowering below ground.
  12. Can someone clarify small question about PF L motors and V1 reciver? I know, that 2 PF L motors on one channel of V1 reciver are underperfoming. So here is the question. if i put 2 recivers in model, one purely for servo and second for motors, where each L motor use its own channel, does they would reach their proper speed, and would such combination safe for hard-coupled motors? I'm trying to make rc 42077, and have only V1 recivers and regular AA battery box. Thus question above. Or what is better for model of such scale and weight - 2 L motors, 1 XL or 2 XL motors?
  13. I didnt have any problems with my Def either... I never managed to make transmission cracking and skipping in regular play (without trying to crack it on purpose), I love how it looks, i love all that expierence with building it ( additional difficulty in my build was to build it morrored to get RHD model.)
  14. Maybe better solution would be to use these rims ? They already come with cross axle hole instead of round pinhole
  15. Small update. Just quickly threw together crude test body. Body and chassis are both build like tank, feels very solid and robust. Still, body could be very easily removed (in RC style) - just just need to pull out two pins, take off 2 half-bushes and HOG gear. Also its realively easy to pull out engine from chassis. Maybe ill pause here, maybe redesgin body, or made whole new entry, i didnt sure yet... UPD - Added LXF file Bug.lxf?dl=0 And work on this baja-like buggy is stopped. Working on other model for TC18