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  1. Thanks, im always do lxf files of my models to save them if i want to rebuild them again later. Also hope thst you liked my variant of 8081
  2. @johnnym LXF file is uploaded
  3. And here is my entry in this small contest. We all know our beloved Extreme Cruiser, we know that best engeneers works on new, updated version. But lets look on it predcessor: Daytona Omnis R2 I instead of trying to create new version of 8081, thought "How Extreme Cruiser could look if it was produced in 80-es..." So remade it into off-road coupe with styling from the past. More information could be found it MOD's topic.
  4. Greetings, i want to introduce my MOD of official set 8081, made for @Thirdwigg's and @rm8's fan contest. Warning, pictoral heavy post ahead. We all know about bug hit in SUV market - Daytona Extreme Cruiser - city suv with v-4 under hhe hood, stylish body and good offroad perfomance, while being rwd only. We heard that new generatiopn is under development now. Soon maybe we see spy photos of prototypes on their test drive... But lets look back, in the past, to see what lies in roots of Extreme Cruiser. What allowed Daytona automobiles to test new ideas and engeneering soutions... Meet the Daytona Omnis R2 It was produced in early 80-es in small quanities and today it become a rare classic. Underrated, but classic. View from all sides: As it sucsessor, it features openable hood, doors and trunk Under the hood supercharged v-4 engine could be found. Also unique front suspension can be seen too. Rear suspension is regular live axle. Car have spartan interior which aside of front seats has also small rear bench, making car 2+2 seats formula Lets look on Omnis from below You can see vehicle's 2+N synchronized transmission and suspension, which has long travel and soft shock absorbers, ensuring comfort and smooth ride even on off-road. Examples of suspension travel Hope that you enjoyed our little demonstration. LXF file with model - Daytona Omnis R2.lxf?dl=0 Really hoping to see your comments and suggestions on my mod.
  5. @vectormatic, @Jurss, i would say that car look very good on such wheels, however on extreme steering angles and suspension compression there are some minor scrubs of bodywork, guess on original set's ballon tires it would be less scrubbing. All suspension pieces i borrowed from 42077, and red wheels looks bold and eyecatching on it. Today evening ill post mine variant, after i cover holes in the floor, and add rear seats. Altrough is it would be better to post here, in contest topic, or create new one? Edit - posted my MOD of 8081 Here is photo answer about 42077 red wheels on 8081.
  6. @Thirdwigg, so its okay to use slack in the parts to get additional degree of freedom? Your mod with live axle on the links is nice, sadly, with modifications that i made - its impossible to fit longer driveshaft im my MOD, at least with massive frame redesign, taht i didnt want to make - i want to keep as much base frame unchanged as possible. Front axle that i posted above is example - it fits on place of default one, and approx same size, being just big larger, dule longer suspension arms and wheelhubs.
  7. @vectormatic I almost finished it. Just unsure about rear axle...I didnt have that unimog's ball frame, thus im not sure if such design stressless and legal - using frictionless pin slack for getting more roll angle for rear axle. Photo below: If its okay, then tomorrow ill post my variant of it Or how to better create compact live axle without that ball frame and keep 8081's axle mounting points intact? I cant move u-joint forward.
  8. @rm8, use 5l liftarms as shock holder? Wouldnt it limit suspension travel? And i guess it impossible to remove toe out without total rebuild of whole front assembly with these suspension arms and steering rack?
  9. Here is my subpar design of front axle using modern components, that could be find in most recent technic cars (like in 42077, 42096 and ect...) Its far from good as for me, but still allow to have suspension similair to original style. An LFX file with modifications (original set assembly showed in transparent color. modern parts suspension.lxf?dl=0 As in LDD impossible to compress shock absorbers, it didnt allow to put one part ( in proper place. So in lxf it replaced with purple, but it just a LDD error - in real build everything works totally fine.
  10. Looks that i found simple and easy way to replace old suspension pieces with current ones. It have few flaws, but for manual model i think that they are not that big deal. First that axle track is widen by stud in eash side, and second - wheels have toed out when suspension is in lower position. But from advantages - it keeps independent single shock concept from original model, fits in place of original steering and model's frame need only just 2 small changes (aside of different pins) to work with modern parts. If anyone would be interested i will post pictures at evening.
  11. Im join you guys, too. Almost finished mine, altough with modern suspension pieces and wheels borrowed from 42077. And now i understand why @Thirdwigg and @rm8 had such fun with it. It was an abosolute blast to build it and find workaround for front axle. Right now i cant decide, if i should leave live axle in the rear or borrow @Thirdwigg's semi-independent suspension with floating diff...