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  1. Here promised model of my quadbike, that i posted earlier. Regular LDD and x-ray version with only edited parts being colored (Warning, both LDD files requies lastest custom parts base)
  2. I finally put chainsaw from the set to good use. Original 42139 and my modded variant. Closer look at modified one, with shoerened by one axle body. Cargo bed is simple one, without tipping, as can be seen on regular atv's Belly shot - aside one axle, same as original model. Will make and post LDD later.
  3. I have feelings after build and tests that new one runs slightly smoother then old ones, and that they slightly soft on beginning of compression, while keeping overall same force... pics from mine instructions)
  4. Compression is same as regular one - 1L.
  5. Today got mine 42139 and was surprised... 6,5 l soft shock absorbers have unusual spring, with drastically increased amounts of coils. Softness is the same to old ones. Left one - old from 42094, right - new from 42139....
  6. Yea, i tried to find any quick fix for springs, but without reworking whole model, i didnt found any... Thus i just left model only with two springs only on middle axle. First and last axle are free switning. As it reduces some realism in model, it stresses MUCH less on axle, and allow steering to work much more smooth.
  7. Mine small edits to best part of the 42139 - chainsaw. Based on @R0Sch and @agrof edits. I liked handle in rear and flywheel on the side, but construction on guide bar looked too massive for me and i found alternative way to secure bar with beam-1-x-5-thin-with-axle-holes-on-ends
  8. Love this set. Currently built it from my spare parts. Its really cool and very playable set. Nearly perfect one, but still have few draws... And major one - all springs always compressed around 1/4 of their leingh when vehicle levelled. It puts excessive frriction on steering and slightly bends (in parts tolerance spaces) rear axles. I removed 4 shocks, it plays nearly the same buth without listed unwanted effects. Minor one - steering lock is rather small, I will try to modofy it. Otherwise - i in love with that atv... and especially tiny chainsaw. Cant wait to pick set from the store.
  9. Will check. Maybe try to do my onw takes on such idea... Sorry to ask but, can you provide dimersions of your engine bays and engine mounting points? Thinking to them interchangible...
  10. Damn, love concept of swappable engines. Really cool work.
  11. MIne attempt of reverse engeneering based on initial leaked pics and recent official art... Awful try, but some things can be learned... some stuff can be just my guess...
  12. I built that chainsaw in mid of december, and i would say, despite it being primitive, its highly additctive and fun thing. Chain rotates easily and good. And i didnt know how to say correctly - its oddly satisfying. With few additions to cover emptyness inside...
  13. 42132 may be one of smallest sets of first wave of 2022, but still, its awesome tiny set. I created replacement engine for its B model, which just drops in on default attachement points without any alterings of the frame. I even tried to make it at least detailed... Empty frame, and new and old engine side-by-side New Engine on its place. LDD model of said engine - B alt engine.lxf?dl=0
  14. LOVE this little set. Definitely getting two of them, like i did in end of 2019 with Mini Xerion... And that mystery grey part under the engins is this one - It used to provide attachment point for exchaut pipe.
  15. I found it enjoyable and good. (Didnt have bugatti). Cant say that bouild is hard (first time build it while being very drunk, and was build in morrored state to have it in RHD), just follow instruction carefully, thats all.