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  1. Arioh

    42110 - Land Rover Defender

    I didnt have any problems with my Def either... I never managed to make transmission cracking and skipping in regular play (without trying to crack it on purpose), I love how it looks, i love all that expierence with building it ( additional difficulty in my build was to build it morrored to get RHD model.)
  2. Arioh

    wheel lock for RIM 55982

    Maybe better solution would be to use these rims ? They already come with cross axle hole instead of round pinhole
  3. Small update. Just quickly threw together crude test body. Body and chassis are both build like tank, feels very solid and robust. Still, body could be very easily removed (in RC style) - just just need to pull out two pins, take off 2 half-bushes and HOG gear. Also its realively easy to pull out engine from chassis. Maybe ill pause here, maybe redesgin body, or made whole new entry, i didnt sure yet... UPD - Added LXF file Bug.lxf?dl=0 And work on this baja-like buggy is stopped. Working on other model for TC18
  4. Hello to all. I decided to try my weak skills in this small car challenge too. I decided to totally change while direction of my entry, instead of baja-bettle-buggy ill will do Hi-Ace style mini-truck. Old (totally different) idea:
  5. Arioh

    42110 Land Rover pointers

    Seems i was lucky, i never managed to make my copy of Landy to emit any cracks even on highest gears... Just careful building with ensuring that all grears didnt squeezed, proper u-joint aligment made miracle on my set.
  6. I love this scale. I’ll try to make something too. And I have a question - 3rd party bands allowed, but is makeshift springs( made from auto pen springs) allowed?
  7. Ouch, didn’t noticed that. I initially build blue version from my spares when first preliminary photos leaked, and i initially made hood with proper angle, thus I didn’t noticed, that in instruction that moment didn’t covered...
  8. @Sariel Nice 42102 review, as always. But there is small aligment error in the model in the video. And such error i saw nearly in any review... Hood of the tractor is paralel to horizont in your build, when it should be sloped. Here is the photo of said error: lime original set - correct hood position, blue spare-piece replica - position like in your, and many other reviews... But still, its awesome little set, and b-model is good too - it features rear wheel steering, and chassis isnt exactly same.
  9. @Nebulaire, nowhere, just build it only by using picture on the back of the box and official promotion video as reference. Here LXF model of B model b.lxf?dl=0
  10. I love that small and fun set. Both A and B models are awesome and cute. This small set is also nice part donor too.
  11. Wow... it looks so awesome in bold dark azure. All those bright splashes of other colors looks awesome. Do you have Stud.IO of your modifications? Did you tested my version of steering system? If your model still have default mounting points for bodywork, you just can build my RC chassis to have good rc model. And shaky bumpers on half-pin with studs are fun in RC model - you need 2-3 good angled crashes to leave them on the ground, or get dragged half-detached behind the car :) And what do you think overall about my edits to this model after you build it physically?
  12. Arioh

    Technic 2020 Set Discussion

    Aaand, my gift to myself for new year is bought... So excited to build those little fellas.
  13. Arioh

    [TCM1] 8081 110 Pickup

    @sirslayer is correct, im in game too. My entry was one of the earliest and one of the simpliest... But damn, this contest made 8081 to be one of my favorite sets...
  14. Thank you for a model, ill gave it a look. Sadly, it need to reconstruct chassis around rear wheels. Fat rear wheels's tires collides with And when you build my drift car - make sure that you redownload LXF file - to have latest wersion with all reinforcement fixes. About quick-detach. It has 2 intention - to add playability as you noticed, and to easen process of bodywork disassembly, hich shortens time needed to swap panels between RC and non-RC chassis. Waiting photos of your azure variant.
  15. Arioh

    42110 - Land Rover Defender

    Yea, but about black version avalible... what im doing wrong with LR configurator?