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  1. BrickProject

    "Ratatouille" (Disney/Pixar) - Lego IDEAS Project

    Thank you! Yeah, I think it add a nice atmosphere of a Parisian building ;)
  2. BrickProject

    "Ratatouille" (Disney/Pixar) - Lego IDEAS Project

    Thank you ;) Don't hesitate to vote for it on lego Ideas if you like it ;)
  3. BrickProject

    "Ratatouille" (Disney/Pixar) - Lego IDEAS Project

    Thanks so much! I thought I would be funny to add a little touch by adding the mini rat restaurant and I'm glad to see that you like it. For the exterior I tried to add some details and texturing to avoid some monotonous walls. Thank you for the support!!
  4. BrickProject

    "Ratatouille" (Disney/Pixar) - Lego IDEAS Project

    Just updated the pictures. Hope it works well now ;) Thanks so much fo your support!
  5. Hi! I have recreated Gusteau's kitchen with 2800 lego bricks and submitted it on lego ideas! What do you think of the project? 10 000 votes can make this an official set, and I would love if you support for it on lego ideas here:
  6. BrickProject

    Disney Wishlists

    I would love to get a Seven dwarfs set!
  7. BrickProject

    Spidey Showdown

    Great vignette.
  8. BrickProject

    How popular was the doctor who TARDIS set?

    Not really sure of the number of sets sold, but I think I went well for the lego group! Saw it sold in many retail stores.
  9. BrickProject

    Casey Jr. from Disney's Dumbo!

    Well done. That's very colorful and cute ;)
  10. BrickProject

    LEGO Ideas - Central Perk Coffee of Friends

    Definitely a good ideas set! And in a little price. That's definitely a must buy for me ;)
  11. BrickProject

    (MOC) Harry Potter - It unscrews the other way

    I always love these little lego vignettes. They make me happy, create a nice atmosphere with little number of bricks.
  12. BrickProject

    Custom rods on shapeways

    Great solution dude!
  13. BrickProject

    REVIEW: 21108 Ghostbusters

    I liked the review! Thanks ;)
  14. BrickProject

    What makes a MOC interesting?

    If you want to sell it, you need to not use too many bricks that are not necessarily. I generally use too many little pieces that highly increase the total number of part. Also try to create something that you like, so you will more easily spend time on it to re-work the build. For me, building is the thing I love to do.
  15. BrickProject

    Black Knight

    I like it ;)