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  1. tig14

    hey everyone, - from Oz

    Many thanks all, - I've built so far 3 models, and going strong :)
  2. stunning car - looking forward to the instructions. It's a wonder....
  3. thanks mate, - i've just sent you a PM for them. cheers :)
  4. tig14

    Hello everyone

    Welcome mate onboard.
  5. tig14


    Welcome abroad Adnan, -
  6. tig14


    Welcome onboard brandon
  7. tig14

    Glad to be Here

    Welcome Cygma to the forum!
  8. tig14


    Welcome Willie - great characters!
  9. tig14

    Happy to be here :)

    hey Matt, - welcome to the group....- glad to hear that there's a second market for legos.
  10. tig14

    Hello everyone

    Welcome Alex, - you're not alone my friend. The beauty of Lego, is that it is inclusive of all ages...- loads of creativity and fun!
  11. Hi All, I've just recently gotten back into Legos', and technic in specific. Had used to build models a couple of decades ago - and I've just recently decided to get back into it. I love cars and architecture, and am so glad to have found this community. Lego's are loads of fun. cheers, Tig
  12. This is very cool. I've just voted for you on the lego-ideas portal. Would it be possible for me to obtain a copy of the instructions - am keen to build one, it'll be good fun.