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  1. Wernher von Bricks

    Technic 2020 Set Discussion

    maybe it has some kind of conveyor-arm like this one:
  2. Wernher von Bricks

    Technic 2020 Set Discussion

    i am not sure if prices were already mentioned, but stonewars.de just published an article with prices for the upcoming sets. (prices for germany) LEGO Technic 42107 „2W“: 59,99 Euro LEGO Technic 42111 „Entertainer“: 99,99 Euro LEGO Technic 42112 Betonmischer: 99,99 Euro -> cement mixer LEGO Technic 42113 „Air“: 129,99 Euro LEGO Technic 42114 „2HY Flagship“: 249,99 Euro LEGO Technic 42115 „Ultimate“: 379,99 Euro https://www.stonewars.de/geruechte/lego-technic-sommer-2020/
  3. Wernher von Bricks

    Technic Walker

    Hey Eurobrickers, sorry for bumping this old thread. This is my first post, but since my dark ages ended a year ago I am a frequent reader. As it happens, I stumbled across this thread and the walker inspired me to transform it into some kind of contraption I want to share with you. IMG_7316 by Stuwer Bricks, auf Flickr The walker is attatched to a trussed beam connecting loading and unloading station. IMG_7281 by Stuwer Bricks, auf Flickr The loading-station is driven by a M-motor. Once it gets activatet it first rotates the container-carrier and then transfers the power to the conveyor. IMG_7319 by Stuwer Bricks, auf Flickr The unloading-station is driven by a L-motor and first rotates up and then the carrier in order to empty the containers. [media] The mechanisms by themselfs run reliable but getting the containers into them, out of them and locking them is the tricky part. Unfortunately I feel its a bit over-engineered and I ran out of skill and patience and am going to disassamble it soon. It only does two to three rounds until getting stuck or dropping a containers and balls will be everywhere. Still I wanted to share it with you, maybe it will be of use to someone.