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  1. hellhax

    New LEGO Speed Champions 2021 Rumors, Speculation

    Is 7 wide an optimal width to capture the actual proportions in relation to wheel size? Isn't 8 stud better? Or is it that these just fit the minifig scale better? I think 8 studs wide cars are much easier to design.
  2. Hi all, This is my first post of this forum - hello everyone :) I am looking into getting back to Technic after years (I am over 30 now and the last time I played with Technic was when I was kid and Technic had studs). I would like to build some MOC trucks with various motorized functions (dump truck, flatbed, tow truck, mobile crane and more). Going forward I would like to have them RC'ed with Sbrick at some point. For that, obviously I need to get some Technic sets. I wanted to ask for advice of some experienced builders on what to get. I was thinking about getting Mack Anthem + some other set with PF (42066 or 42052 seem to be nice fit in terms of colors and are still available at fairly reasonable price). Anthem, while not motorized, seems to be a nice foundation in terms of parts with nice colors I like. Also, I am more interested in building European style trucks (like 42024 or 42008) rather than American (like Anthem or 9397) but that shouldn't be an issue. My general question is around the scale. Are trucks of Anthem or 42024 suitable for motorization (some functions like dumping, pulling, outriggers + RC going forward)? Or are they just too small? To me it all goes down the the size of the wheels. If I go with Anthem, I will need to stick to this scale for some time. I know Arocs or 42009 have bigger wheels but prices of these sets are not reasonable anymore in my country (4x or 5x Mack price). The other option would be to go 42082 but I feel like its wheels are just too big for what I want to build. Please advise. I am looking for some general advice too.