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  1. I'm conscious of forum guidelines around self-promotion so haven't posted a link. I lurk in this thread because it's a great source for learning what cool new parts have been added to B&P! But then all the talk lately about missing out on parts on B&P had me thinking "setup alerts so you don't have to keep checking!!". I just checked the site guidelines and it seems I can add a link to my signature, so I will just do that.
  2. Or use a service that alerts you to new stock being added to B&P! I was able to grab a dozen each of 6335192/6335666 when they last came back in stock. Also, getting the right CSR on the phone is handy too - some are more likely to sell certain parts than others, I have found.
  3. When buying over the phone, is it bricks and pieces pricing or pick-a-brick? I've noticed that it's usually only a a cent or two diff, but some parts it's closer to 10%, e.g. TECHNIC BRICK 1X16, Ø4,9
  4. BrickHawk has just released a new feature called "PARTHAWKS" which allows you to configure alerts for stock availability (element back in stock, stock level increases and price changes) at Bricks and Pieces and Pick-a-Brick. It's in beta and testers are sought to help make sure it works and to improve the feature. If you are interested in trying it out, signup at https://brickhawk.com, and send an email through to info@brickhawk.com so you can be added to the beta.
  5. @Si-MOCs sorry to nudge you again, but I'd also love to see the timelapse video available again. There are other timelapse/build videos of the LIT sets on youtube (e.g. 4000025 at https://youtu.be/m5xCP1HN8q0?t=298) - would really appreciate seeing 4000001 too! Thanks :) Edit: @julesvincent I just found this photo (albeit a MOC) that shows the black ARBURG sticker on the back:
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    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    You can use https://brickhawk.com to get email alerts when sets go on sale. Has Walmart and a few other retailers.