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  1. OwenMistika

    Themes LEGO should discontinue

    I’ve heard a billion people say they’ll work at Lego, sorry dude Also, please at grown up and don’t swear! Little kids definitely read this and probably join too, you seem to be acting very childish. I love original themes but you are wrong on a few things 1. There was a whole set dedicated to public transport, 8404 2. Lego change police up almost every year, and the designs for the police officers are always changing 3. Kids love action, good guys vs bad guys, car chases, these things are in a lot of popular kids things and are ever present in city, one of the few non story themes to have the idea of good vs bad 4. https://www.cheatsheet.com/money-career/popular-childhood-dream-jobs-pay-really-well-grow.html/ As the article shows, being a police officer is the fourth ranked job amongst kids, city is often about what kids want to be like, when I was younger, I would call my heroes after myself because I wanted to be like them 5. I’m actually annoyed with your post, first of all, I don’t want to be tagged, second, if you want to talk just ask me a question, reply, quote a post, which works better? A. ‘Eat my bricks’ B. ‘I disagree with you on that point because…’
  2. OwenMistika

    Themes LEGO should discontinue

    I’m sick of the whole ‘city had to much police’ idea! Like seriously, it’s annoying! World City and Town had tons of police but everyone seems to moan just because City has some
  3. OwenMistika

    Themes LEGO should discontinue

    2. Because the fans? I don’t know
  4. OwenMistika

    Themes LEGO should discontinue

    1. Hello David, nice to see you again 2. Kids like non licensed themes, Star Wars has lasted 20 years! DC has lasted 7 years! Marvel has lasted 7 years too! Other than ninjago, no story theme is really able to say that…