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    [MOC] Modular Modern District

    I am very interested on this, also two of your designs. I hope some day to order them.
  2. ArturFer

    new VIP system

    Good morning. In Spain, and in my case, it is very strange. I am talking about the problem what I am having with Legoshop. 2 times I have tried to buy a set with the discounts for VIP members and, it doesn't work right. I am losing the VIP codes-rewards for the discount, because of, suddenly appears the message on their web "there is a unexpected problem" (and my credit card is ok!). Therefore, the System of LEgoshop website considers that I have spent the reward, when in truth I have not spent it. I have not spent money, and they have not received it... But the system understands that I have spent the reward. Why do they tell me that there is an unexpected problem after I have given them my card information?
  3. ArturFer

    Galleon Esperanza

    Great ships were made in SpainĀ“s navy
  4. ArturFer

    71044 Disney Train and Station

    Hello! I am thinking in similar terms! But I am interested in the building, but not in the minifigures and the train. so that, maybe we could agree a purchase on a Ebay sale. sorry Good day! I am new, but AFOL from many years ago. A nice Station. I hope for the instructions.