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  1. Hi, first time poster long time lurker.

    I have a Haldir Minifigure together with my Helm's Deep set that I was fiddling with, and when I was turning his left arm it was stuck more than usual, and when I added a little more force it just broke off in the middle. I've never been through anything like this, and on a relatively new figure as well. Dumbfounded I tried to move it around a little more, and another piece gracefully breaks off the arm... (It feels like it's made of flour)

    Now the Haldir figure is not a completely inexpensive figure, so I thought I'll take the arm of one of my Elrond figs and attach it to Haldir's torso. But that of course meant that I had to detach what was left of it.
    The rest of it was difficult to grab hold off with my fingers, so I tried to detach it with my teeth which broke off the last part (In retrospect, what did I think would happen?).

    Now I'm at a loss, there might be something suitable to put inside the torso that'll make me able to push it out from there. Have any of you been through something similar? 

    Kind Regards :blush: