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  1. I understand your point about colors, it was just a personal comment. I am guessing with your time line it will be a great Christmas present for everybody!!!

    Who knows, someday you might receive an email or a phone call from them, as an Engineer I know what it take to achieve that kind of detailed work, just amazing and well done?.

    Do you have a new super car project in mind after this one or already working on something? I hope so?.


  2. I am speechless, you and Charbel are bringing the super car MOC to the next level, can't wait the blue color, how far are you to complete it?

    Both of you guys should be leading the Lego Technic engineering/design department, the detail you put on it match the actual Regera.

    IMO I will appreciate the blue color better than this one, just a personal taste!!

    Thanks for all your hard work, I am pretty sure you already have some new project in mind...

  3. Amazing model, one of the more details MOC I ever seen, IMO better than any Lego Technic out there!! All the hard work, hours, days, months and years spend on it make this model on of the best ever seen. 

    French nation is behind you, please bring us some other MOC super car, can't wait to see what will be your new supercar artwork!!

    Well done, congrats and don't give up!!